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Participatory Governance

As an MSJC student, serving on a participatory governance committee is an excellent opportunity for you to let your voice be heard and to meet key decision-makers on campus.  Participatory governance is the opportunity to serve on a district committee that represents the different areas of the district.  By participating in participatory governance, you are able to:

  • Represent your fellow MSJC students
  • Learn more about how decisions are made on campus
  • Voice your opinions and concerns while making decisions that affect our campus community

If you are interested in joining a Participatory Governance committee as a Student Representative, fill out the packet below.

New! Request to Serve on a Participatory Governance Committee Form

For more information about Participatory Governance at MSJC and a current list of the Board of Trustees approved committees visit the Committees page.

Questions about Participatory Governance? Email Suzanne Ortega at