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High School Student Enrollment Information

If you are in grades 9-12 and you'd like to get a jump on your college education, Mt. San Jacinto College can provide you the opportunity to begin your college education while completing your high school diploma. 

Detailed information is found by clicking each step below.

The deadline for Summer 2024 was April 30, 2024. The deadline for Fall 2024 was June 14, 2024. Spring 2025 information will be posted online by early October. 


Meet with a counselor at your high school for course selection and placement review and to begin filling out your School Parent Agreement (SPA). The SPA must be signed by the student, parent, school principal and school counselor.

Review the steps below for information on when and how to submit your School Parent Agreement form to MSJC.

Start your CCCApply application

After successfully submitting your application, check your personal email for follow up information.  If you do not receive any emails from MSJC within one business day, please call Enrollment Services at 951-465-7887.

MyMSJC Account Activation

You will be sent a welcome email with your username/student email to your personal email address. A personal email address should have been collected during the application process and will be set as your recovery email address for the MyMSJC account.  For more information, read the support article MyMSJC Account Initial Login with My Apps.

 MSJC Student Email Account

Your student email account will be created once you have registered for at least one class at MSJC. Further details will be sent to the personal email address you provided on the application for admission.

Become an expert on all things MSJC! 

  • Start your orientation, login with your myMSJC username and password.

  • The online orientation will take you approximately 30 minutes and includes videos.

  • The orientation can be taken on your smart phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

See also: Orientation Information 

The Summer 2024 School/Parent deadline was April 30, 2024. The deadline for Fall 2024 was June 14, 2024. Spring 2025 information will be posted online by early October. See Step 1 for most recent version of the School/Parent Agreement. 

Submit/upload completed School Parent Agreement form (and unofficial transcripts if required*) to our Secure Document Upload link on our hub.

After reaching out to your high school counselor, do you still need help? Visit our MSJC K-12 Counselors in a virtual lobby. 

Enter the Virtual K-12 Counselor Lobby

Your registration date and time is the earliest point in which you may register for classes.  Since registration is online, you do not need to come to campus in order to register for classes. Many appointment times are not during business hours.

You will receive an email, sent to your personal email address, with specific information about your registration date and time, once it has been assigned for the current or upcoming semester.

High School Students Be Advised: Though assigned a registration appointment, High School Students must receive additional approval to register into MSJC courses. Be sure to follow all above steps.

After you have been notified that you have been approved for Concurrent Enrollment at MSJC, you will register for approved classes via Self-Service.

Learn how to register for classes using Self-Service. 

For more information or answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Enrollment Services FAQ page.

What Fees do I have to pay?

Fees may be paid online using a credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) by logging into Self-Service. To access contact information for the MSJC cashier, please visit the Student Support Hub.

Special Admit Part-time High School Students

All part-time high school students are waived the California Enrollment Fee for their course(s), but additional fees may need to be paid for by the student (i.e. Transportation Service Fee, Guidance Testing Fee, etc.). AB2364 also waives non-resident fees for applicable part-time high school students. In the event that a high school student is allowed to enroll as a full-time student (12 units or more), all enrollment fees will be applied for the total amount of units enrolled. In the event that a high school student is enrolled as full-time, but chooses to revert back to a part-time status, all applicable fee waivers will be put back in place.

Additional Fees Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Spring 2024

Parking Permit​

*Effective Fall 2022, parking permits are required on campus and are available for purchase electronically through iParq




Student activity/SGA discount sticker (Opt-out available prior to registration)
$3.00 $7.00 $7.00
Student representation fee (Opt-out available prior to registration)
Supports student representation to legislation
$2.00 $2.00 $2.00
RTA "Go Pass" - Transportation Fee
(includes RTA and Transportation Service Fee
$8.00 $8.00 $8.00
​​Health Center Fee
This fee enables students to access medical services and mental health counseling at the Student Health Center. Available services will include consultations, wellness education, mental health counseling and referrals.
$20.00 $26.00 $26.00

Frequently Asked Questions: High School Students

You MUST begin the process of taking courses at MSJC by meeting with your high school counselor. The process can take a month or more and requires multiple signatures, so it is important to begin early and ensure you meet the stated deadlines. For additional information, please visit our website here:

The MSJC School/Parent Agreement form (sometimes referred to as a “SPA”) is a form High School students must submit each semester they would like to take MSJC courses. The SPA must be submitted by the advertised deadline and include signatures from the student, their parent/guardian, their High School counselor, and their High School principal.

Dual Enrollment permits High School students to take College courses at their high school campus as part of their regular school day (generally period 1-6). High School students are not charged the College Enrollment fees and typically receive both High School and College credit for the course.

Concurrent Enrollment High School students are eligible to enroll in MSJC courses for which they have been approved as a result of completing and submitting an approved School/Parent Agreement (SPA) form. These courses take place outside the traditional high school day (online, evenings, or weekends). For additional information, please visit our website here:

Open Sections are courses offered in collaboration between MSJC and a specific High School. They are available to approved high school students currently attending that specific high school, as well as the MSJC general student population whether in high school or not.

Annex Sections are courses offered in collaboration with a specific high school district and are available to approved students currently attending a high school within that district as well as the MSJC general student population whether in high school or not.

Yes, enrollment fees are waived for high school students. However, other fees (Transportation, Health Center, etc.) may be required, such as materials, books, parking permits and others - are also your responsibility. For more information, please visit the “What fees do I have to pay?” portion of the MSJC website. 

Yes, MSJC will accept the most recent copy of unofficial high school transcripts along with the other required documents for as long as they are received by the posted deadline.

All high school students enrolled at MSJC are responsible for complying with the rules and regulations of the College as published in the Mt. San Jacinto College Catalog, Schedule of Classes and Administrative and Board policies.

Yes. High School transcripts are necessary to determine if students can be approved for courses and how many units may be taken as well as if students meet prerequisites for applicable courses. 

The grade(s) you earn in your class(es) will become part of your official MSJC academic record. It is your responsibility to make sure your high school receives college transcripts that you may need in order to receive high school credit. For detailed information on ordering MSJC transcripts, please visit

MSJC ENGL 101 is equivalent to high school AP English so we generally do not recommend students in this situation take our ENGL 101 as they are duplicating efforts by doing so.  If, however, the student/parent/high school principal and high school counselor all recommend and approve this for a student, MSJC will process accordingly assuming all other appropriate requirements are met.  Students should direct questions about this practice to their high school counselors.

While High School student may be approved to take Aviation courses, they should be aware that the total program cost may range between $45,000 to $80,000. These fees are NOT covered by Concurrent Enrollment.

In extremely rare instances, middle/junion high school student may be admitted. Students must meet all same requirements and deadlines as high school students and show advanced schoolastic achievement at or above high school level. a Letter of Recommendation from middle/junion high school counselor in addition to School Parent Agreement is required. Student request will be reviewed and approved on case-by-case basis. BS5010 / AP5011

No. The UC and CSU admissions offices weigh California Community College courses that meet A-G requirements on a 5.0 scale and are contractually required to accept courses listed on for degree and general education requirements. The UC and CSU systems are not contractually required to accept AP and Honors courses for degree and general education requirements.  

Each K-12 district must make its own determination about which college courses they choose to allow to meet which high school graduation requirements. Meet with your High School counselor to determine which courses your high school will accept for core graduation requirements.

Though all MSJC applicants are assigned an MSJC student email address, they will not have access to their email until they are officially registered into a course. Students should check their MSJC email inbox regularly as it may be used as the official method of contact for the College.

The deadline for Concurrent Enrollment varies by term. Be advised that all required/requested documents must be received by the Enrollment Services department before the advertised deadline for students to be considered for Concurrent Enrollment. 

No, college/MSJC courses may not be used as credit recovery for High School students.

All college coursework will apply towards a student's college Academic Standards and Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid (regardless of receiving financial aid or not). Late withdrawals or failure to successfully complete a class will impact a student's future eligibility for financial aid. These federal and state regulations requirements also apply to high school students (concurrently or dual enrolled) who take college coursework. 

If a course is deferred, that means it is an alternate to one of the student's other approved courses. High school students may only have a certain amount of course approvals active on their account at one time. If they wish to change their approvals (make one of their deferred courses actively approved and defer one of their active course approvals) they may do so by contacting Enrollment Services.

Yes, High School students with an IEP, 504 plan or wanting assistance from the MSJC Accommodation Services Center (formerly Disabled Student Programs & Services) may register with the program. For more information, please visit their website here:

A cross-listed course is a course that overlaps two or more academic disciplines. Example: HIST-128 & BIOL-128, the title for both of these courses is History of Science and the course content is identical.

No, High School students are not permitted to audit MSJC courses.