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FAQ | How do I register for classes?

  1. Log in to your EagleAdvisor account
  2. Go to the Student EagleAdvisor menu
  3. Under Register for College Credit Courses, click on the “Search for Classes, then Register” link
  4. Use the search engine to find the type of class you would like to take by entering at least two criteria to search from (i.e. Term and Subject) then click Submit.
  5. Your search results will be displayed.  Once you find the section you prefer, select it by clicking the check box next to it.  Then click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  6. Your selected section will be added to your Registration Management.  Select 'Register' or 'Waitlist' from the Action drop down menu next to the course and then click Submit.  Click here for more information on Waitlists.
  7. If the registration was successful, you will be lead to a confirmation page to review the transaction.  If desired, use the blue links at the top of the screen to do any of the following:

    **When you choose to “Pay on My Account” please read the information on top of the screen. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IN REGARDS TO THE DUE DATE OF YOUR PAYMENT** 

    See also: Fee Information

Attention: When making online payments the supported web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Please verify with your registration statement for classes and payment information.​​