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MSJC Facilities Bond Measure AA

Temecula facility

In November 2014, voters in the 1,700-square-mile Mt. San Jacinto Community College District approved  a bond measure of $295 million to build and upgrade facilities to train local residents for jobs and help students achieve their academic goals.​

The bond measure has already afforded MSJC the opportunity to improve learning environments throughout the district. Current and complete Measure AA projects include:  

Menifee Valley Campus Stadium – Coming Fall 2022

Menifee Valley Campus STEM Building – Coming Fall 2023

San Jacinto Campus STEM Building – Coming Summer 2023

San Jacinto Campus Shade Structures – Coming Summer 2021

Temecula Valley Campus – Coming Spring 2021

Final Cost: $9,628,846.34 

Date of Completion: 6/2018 

Project Scope: 

Additions to 1-Gymnasium/Multipurpose Building #1900 ; Alterations to 1-Track and Field, 1-Site Work, 1-Scoreboard, 1-Locker Building #1970, 1-Gymnasium/Multipurpose Building #1900; Relocation of 1-Toilet Building #1980 (Relocatable, 12x40, , 1-Locker Building #1990 (Relocatable, 24x40. 

Final Cost: $2,754,425.40 

Date of Completion: 9/2017 

Project Scope:

Relocation of 1-Office Building 2008, 1-Toilet Building 2113, 15-Classroom Buildings 2001, 2002, 2003, 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2107, 2108, 2109, 2110, 2111 and 2112 

Final Cost: $4,358,248.18 

Date of Completion: 12/2020 

Project Scope:

Alterations to 13,442 sq. ft. Multipurpose Building 700 which will now house such Departments as Cafeteria, Bookstore, Student Life, International Students, Cal Works, Multi-Cultural Center, Health Center and Career Transfer. 

Final Cost: $563,367.37 

Date of Completion: 6/2019 

Project Scope:  Construction of 3-Fabric Shade Structures & Site Improvements 

Final Cost: $1,470,000.00 

Date of Completion: 10/2019 

Project Scope:

Construction of 1-Electrical Equipment Enclosure, separate power from Abbott and reroute to new electrical equipment. 

Final Cost: $657,297.81 

Date of Completion: 5/2019 

Project Scope:

Classroom renovation creating a Digital Media Studio offering Professional Video Production 

Final Cost: $262,239.94 

Date of Completion: 4/2019 

Project Scope: Renovation of electronic marquee sign at the Menifee Valley Campus 

Final Cost: $151,430.00 

Date of Completion: 9/2019 

Project Scope: renovation of electronic marquee sign at the San Jacinto Campus. 


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