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Starting a Campus Club

Don't see a club that peaks your interest? Start one of your own! ​       ​​

Here's what you will need:

  1. Find 5 or more students to join the club. There must be a minimum of 5 members. All 5 members must have or obtain a current SGA sticker. ​
  2. Find an advisor! Clubs can have up to 4 advisors, 2 per campus. Advisors must be MSJC Faculty or Administrators. This person, or people, will need to attend all club events and meetings.
  3. Fill out the required Club Charter Form and fill in the blanks on the Sample Club Constitution
    Don't forget to read the handbook!​ All documents and resources are available on the Club Forms page
  4. Submit an agenda request in email form to the Inter Club Council at stating you would like to charter your club at the next ICC Meeting.

If​ you have any questions or concerns about the club chartering process please email the Inter Club Council at

For any other club related or Student Life questions please email Marisela Magana, SJC ICC Advisor at or Jose Rivera-Hernandez, MVC ICC Advisor at