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MSJC Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mt. San Jacinto College offers quality, accessible, equitable and innovative educational programs and services to students aspiring to achieve their academic, career and personal development goals.

We provide students a safe environment in which to pursue basic skills, career and general education pathways. Our programs lead to transfer, associate degrees and certificates, which meet workforce development needs in our diverse communities.

Our commitment to learning and achievement empowers students to enrich our communities and participate meaningfully in today’s complex world.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on January 19, 2017


Vision Statement

 Transforming Learners. Transforming Communities. Transforming Lives.


Values Statement

We are students, employees and a community. We believe that the act of teaching and learning is vital to a thriving community that enriches and, at times, saves lives. We commit to opportunities that inspire the following values in ourselves:

Excellence – We challenge students by setting high standards for learning and critical thinking, which we model with action.

Collaboration – We believe the best results are achieved through communication and participation among students, employees, industry and the community we serve.

Relationship – We nurture a community built on positive interactions and a genuine concern for the welfare of others.

Innovation – We cultivate a creative environment that promotes the development of new ideas for continuous quality improvement.

Relevance – We create educational experiences that have meaningful applications in a local and global context, today and tomorrow.

Access – We ensure equitable rights of all students by removing barriers to a quality education and promoting a network of support that improves learning opportunities.

Leadership – We empower people throughout the community to support and facilitate positive change.

Diversity – We respect and embrace the power of sharing our differences in thought, opinion, culture and background to optimize our collective strength.

Integrity – We believe in being true to our core values by consistently demonstrating our character and an institutional commitment to do the right thing. 

Approved by the Board of Trustees on January 19, 2017 



The 5 institutional priorities at the core of the 2017-2020 MSJC Strategic Plan are:

  • Student Success
  • Systematic Planning and Assessment
  • Fiscally Sound Position
  • Institutional Pride and Organizational Culture
  • Community Partnerships and Service