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Temecula Valley Campus

Mt. San Jacinto College’s Temecula Valley Campus is the first permanent campus of higher education serving Riverside County's southwest region.

The Temecula Valley Campus features state-of-the-art labs, technology and classrooms and offers programs that lead to associate degrees, transfer to four-year universities or certificates that directly support the region’s economy.

The campus includes a veterans resource center, health center, dining hall, bookstore, career center and other support services. Students can meet with counselors, get assistance with financial aid, and more.

Lactation room

The Student Health Center has a room that may be used as a lactation room as needed.

All Gender Restrooms

  • 1st Floor: Student Health Center (accessible to students 8:30AM-3PM)
  • 1st Floor: Near Stairs #3 (accessible to faculty and staff)
  • 2nd Floor: Across from Stairs #2 (accessible to students)
  • 4th Floor: Near Computer Classrooms 404/405 (accessible to students)