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MSJC Administration by Division

Title Name
Superintendent/President ​​​Dr.​ Roger Schultz
Executive Assistant (Interim) Jacqua Morrison
Administrative Associate, Superintendent/President's Office Todd Hoover
​Director o​f Public Information, Marketing and Strategic Communications​​ ​​Karin Marriott​
Director of External Relations, Workforce Development and
Economic Development
​Morris Myers
Director of Foundation and Donor Initiatives Rebecca Orlauski
Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Enrollment Management Brandon Moore
​Executive Assistant ​Jill Lanphere
Executive Dean of Strategic Initiatives (Interim) Michael Beckham
​Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Carlos Tovares
​Dean of Information Technology ​Brian Orlauski
Dean of Instruction, Academic Computing, Technology & Distance Education Micah Orloff
Associate Dean of Institutional Research Nik Mesaris
​Associate Dean of Distance Education & Professional Development Anna Stirling​​
Associate Dean of Enterprise Applications and Cloud Infrastructure Katherine Stratton
​Vice President of Business Services  ​​vacant
Executive Assistant
Dean of Administrative Services/Controller Gail Jensen
​Dean of Facilities Planning and Capital Construction ​Todd ​Franco
​Associate Dean of Support Services vacant
Associate Dean of Facilities Planning and Physical Resources (Interim) Martin Morozowsky
Director of Budget and Accounting Stacy Kimbrough
Director of Fiscal Services Elizabeth Worthington
Director of Food Services (Interim) Christopher Hurtado
Director of Maintenance & Operations, MVC Brian Twitty
Director of Maintenance & Operations, SJC Elden Shoemaker
Director of Maintenance & Operations, TVC David Johnson
​Director of Procurement & General Services vacant
Director of Regulatory Compliance Nicole Pina
Vice President of Human Resources  Jeannine Stokes 
​Executive Assistant vacant
Director of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Debbie Perez-Flores
​Director of Campus Safety David Paseman
Vice President of Instructional Services Jeremy Brown
Executive Assistant Debbie Grace
Dean of Instruction, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, MVC vacant
​​Dean of Instruction, Ma​th and Science, MVC ​Marc Donnhauser
Dean of Instruction, Academic Programs, SJC Alma Ramirez
​Associate Dean of Instructional Services ​Cheri Naish
Director of Laboratory Operations Cheri Hodge
Vice President of Career Education, Counseling, Nursing, and Allied Health ​Joyce Johnson
Executive Assistant Christine Abriam
​Dean of Career Education - SJC Von Lawson
​Dean of Career Education - MVC Marilyn Harvey​
Associate Dean of Nursing/Allied Health (Interim) Hope Farquharson
Associate Dean of Counseling Citlali Gonzales
​Director of Counseling ​Mary Lou Dillard
Director of the Child Development and Education Center Kimberly Day
Director of Workforce & Economic Development (Interim) Janice Mrkonjic
​Director of CalWORKs Lisa Campbell
​Director of Continuing Education & Adult Programs Jasmine Port
Director of K-12 Partnerships Jenny Hughes
Director of Regional Employer Engagement Corinna York
Director of Transfer Pamela Wright
Director of Workforce Programs Avante Simmons​
Vice President of Student Services (Interim) Rebecca Teague
Executive Assistant Selena Paez-Mendez​
​​Dean of Kinesiology and Athletics ​Patrick Springer
Dean of Student Health Centers Lisa McAllister
​Associate Dean of Financial Aid ​Shanae ​Williams​
Associate Dean of Enrollment Services Elizabeth Mascaro
​Associate Dean of Student Services ​Maya Cardenas
Director of TRIO/Upward Bound Marisa Jones
​Director of TRIO/Talent Search ​Kevin Baker​
Director of Enrollment Services Akia Marshall
​Director of EOPS/CARE Heather Jones
​Director of Accommodation Service Center vacant
​Director of Student Judicial Affairs (Interim) ​Steve Del Castillo
Director of Veterans Services Terry Russell