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MSJC Adult Ed Reports and Data

West-Ed Student Survey results 

Payment point total for 
2017-2018 Academic Year = 3259
2016-2017 Ac​​ademic Year = 2247

Data Report for Entire Program 
NRS Data Integrity at end of year 18-19

NRS Data Integrity at end of year 17-18 


How do we earn payment points? 

​First, we need:

  1. Students have at least 12 hours of Attendance
  2. Students take a valid pre- and post- test pair with 40 hours between tests

Then, we get more points if...

  • Students complete a level (Beginning 3 to Intermediate 1, etc.)
  • Students pass an EL Civics objective and have 30 hours of attendance

Payment points will be lost if

  1. Less than 12 hours in class
  2. No valid pre- and post- test pair​
  3. No complete entry form (Sections 1 - 10)
  4. No update record or no Section 9 of update record​