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Adult Ed ASAP Attendance

ASAP is an online attendance tracking system by which we show student participation and receive grant money and college apportionment. In other words, it pays the bills as much as CASAS does.

If your online ASAP attendance does not match the sign-in attendance, we must remove the student's hours. This impacts testing and EL Civics hours requirements and funding. It's a big deal.


​​ASAP Policies

  • When you enroll a student, triple-check that you have the right person by searching via birthdate rather than name. Only when you are sure that you have the right person, add the name to your online class roster.
  • Everyone who was ever in your class - even for one day - needs to be enrolled, marked present, and then dropped.
  • Your attendance is considered late if 48 hours have passed since your class meeting and there is no registered attendance.
  • Students should use same first name and last name on their sign-in sheet as on all other forms.
  • Have students print legibly on the 1st week’s sign-in sheet. (The first week you will not have created an online form yet.)
  • Check sign-in sheets at end of the class to make sure initials are in the correct space.
  • Initials should be done in ink - not pencil - as it is a legal document.
  • No check marks, lines, or any symbol except initials on the sign-in sheets
  • If a student has "disappeared," drop him/her from ASAP and also email Terri and Lupe to inform them of the person dropped.

ASAP Procedures

Basic Steps. See details below.

  1. Create a roster by finding your students and entering them into your class section after the first day of class. Before turning in the forms, use the registration and entry sheets to identify the students in ASAP. If a student is new to MSJC, add them to the roster when the ASAP number becomes available.
  2. Print out ASAP attendance sheet rosters with a month or more date range and have students sign in every day.
  3. After each class meeting (or even during the class meeting!), mark students present or absent in ASAP online. You can use a computer, tablet, or the phone app. Partial hours of attendance are not necessary. Mark only present or absent.
  4. Send us your print-out electronically every Monday -- scan, fax, or email a photo of it to Elva.
  5. Give us the physical sign-in sheet every month when you do your timesheet. Drop off at THEC or SJC, or MVC Office 913 to be routed to THEC Adult Ed.
Call the office with any questions.
We would love to help you use ASAP correctly!

It is much more time-consuming to undo and redo things than to answer your questions and help you.


See Powerpoint for Screen shots of what to do.  ASAP Training Presentation.pptx

To log in,

  • Go to
  • Your username and password are given to you by the office the first time you have been assigned a section to teach
  • MSJC's Organization number in ASAP is 4406.

1. Enrolling Students into your Section and Making a Class Roster

Transcript for Enrolling Students video

Locate the “I want to” drop down arrow.
Select “Enroll a Student
Type the student’s name in the search bar and “Search
Verify D.O.B., phone number, or ASAP ID number
Click on correct name to select and highlight the box
You can look up 4 students at a time and enroll them
When the students and class number are at the top, click “Enroll

***Even if you get a message that the action cannot be completed, student was enrolled***

Your students are now on your class list!


2. Printing out a Sign-in Sheet

It is imperative to use a physical sign-in sheet each day of class.


Script for Printing out an Attendance Sheet video.pdf

Once class has been populated, you need to print out sign-in sheets

  1. From the Class Detail screen, click drop down arrow “Attendance Options
  2. Select “Print Attendance Sheets
  3. Mark the box “Display Student ID instead of Phone No
  4. Click On “Filter
    ID numbers should display instead of Phone numbers
  5. Click Drop down arrow “Export to the Selected Format” and choose .pdf
  6. Click “Export
  7. On bottom of screen, click “Open

Now you can print the list!​


3. Taking Online Attendance

Script for Taking Online Attendance video

  1. From the Class Detail screen, click drop down arrow “Attendance Options
  2. Select “Take Attendance
  3. Select the date or date range. If you need to take attendance from a past class, change the date to that day.
  4. Click Search
    **Please do not hit ENTER**
  5. Click on pink box on the left side for class list to appear.
  6. Check off the box for the students’ names that are present.
  7. Mark the box at the top of the PAGE to select all present.
  8. Click “Save” at the top or bottom of the screen​


4. Using the Phone App

Script for Using the Phone App video

  1. On your phone's web browser, go to
  2. Log in using your username, password, and Org ID number 4406
  3. Select the class and date that you want to mark attendance for.
  4. Click the boxes of those who are present.
  5. Click "Update Attendance"