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In response to the Coronavirus campus closures WE ARE HERE TO HELP. 
We can be reached via email or Call (951) 732-7970 to schedule telehealth appointments.

* We are currently open for virtual appointments. In-person appointments may be scheduled on a case by case basis. Please call the Student Health Center for details.  

In the event of an emergency (medical or otherwise) please DIAL 9-1-1 from a Cell Phone
or 8-9-1-1 from a District Phone if on campus.


We are your one-stop-shop resource center to address all aspects of health with medical, mental health, wellness and health education all under one roof. Designing our program around the 8-Dimensions of Wellness our goal is to improve your life overall, not just your educational journey.

Regardless of insurance, your care is coordinated seamlessly here are the Student Health & Wellness Centers. Click the links below for more information or to get started.


Medical Services Page LinkMedical
Mental Health Services Page LinkPersonal Counseling Well-Being Page LinkWell-Being
Wellness Education Services Page LinkWellness Education Health Services Take-Over Page LinkSHC
Podcast Page LinkPodcast
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To schedule a Health Services appointment:

Call: (951) 732-7970 | E-Mail: | Register: Student Health Patient Portal

The Student Health Center DOES NOT offer Academic Counseling 
To speak to a counselor regarding class schedules please contact General Counseling.



MSJC Center of Health & Well-Being

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Friday 8:00 am to 12 noon

Call: (951) 732-7970 | E-Mail:

*Clinic hours and provider availability are subject to change without notice.
**The Student Health Centers are closed weekends, holidays and for occasional administrative meetings.

All currently enrolled Mt. San Jacinto College students (minimum of one (1) credit) who have paid the student health fee may receive services at any MSJC Student Health Center location.

Minors under the age of 18 MUST have a signed minor consent form on file for any medical services prior to the visit. This form can be found on the Student Health Patient Portal under the FORMS tab.

*Consent form not required in the event of an emergency or for mental health services

To schedule a Health Services appointment simply:

Call: (951) 732-7970 | E-Mail: | Register: Student Health Patient Portal



Health Center Appointments:

  • 5 minute grace period for all appointments.

  • Cancellations REQUIRE a 24hr notice for ALL appointments.

  • 3 Strikes Rule: Three (3) “No Show” or “No Notice” cancellations (less than 24hr notice) and the Student Health Center reserves the right to suspended student access to Health Center services. In the event that a student's services are suspended the student must then schedule a meeting with the Associate Dean of Health Services to be reinstated.

  • To receive text message reminders YOU MUST OPT-IN through your Student Health Patient Portal.

Menifee Valley Campus Map: Building 700 Rm. 723 | | Call: (951) 732-7970

Enter from the Antelope Rd. entrance.

Located in the new Cultural Center building (700) to the right of the Learning Resource Center (800)

Student/Visitor Parking LOT D

San Jacinto Campus Map: Modular 1540 | | Call: (951) 732-7970

Enter from the Collage Entrance - North Driveway.

Nestled between the Student Center (1100) and the Veterans Resource Center (1560)

Student/Visitor Parking LOT B

As MSJC engages in Transforming Learners, Transforming Communities, and Transforming Lives the Student Health Centers are committed to providing access to high quality medical and mental health care. It is our mission to support our students equitably and enhance their educational journey by giving them the tools to acquire knowledge, develop skills and promote the healthy behaviors needed for optimal lifelong physical and emotional health and wellness  

Student ​Health Center Fee

Students are assessed a Student Health Center Fee every term. 

This fee enables students to access any MSJC Student Health Center. Available services include basic first aid, over-the-counter medications, health and wellness consultations, 8-dimensions of wellness education, personal counseling, and assistance with community referrals.

Student ​Health Center Fee Schedule

​​Term ​Fee
​Fall ​$20
​Spring ​$20​
​Summer ​$17

In accordance with California Education Code Section 76355, MSJC has a process by which students may request to waive the health fee for active membership in a religious organization that relies exclusively upon prayer for healing or current enrollment in an approved apprenticeship training program.

What is the Student Health Center Fee for?

The Student Health Center Fee funds the MSJC Student Health Centers. Students are eligible for an array of services including health consultations, triage for first aid & emergency care, wellness education, mental health counseling, community referrals and more.

Who can receive services from the Student Health Center?

Services are available to all students that pay the Student Health Center fee and are currently enrolled in one or more credits at MSJC.

I already have Health Insurance, do I still have to pay the Student Health Fee?

Yes, all students are required to pay the Student Health Center Fee.

Who is eligible for a Student Health Center Fee waiver?

In accordance with California Education Code Section 76355, the Student Health Center Fee may be waived for the following reasons:

Religious: Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization. A written letter on letterhead from you religious lead or religious organization is required.

State Approved Apprenticeship Training Program: Students who are attending a community college under
an approved State approved apprenticeship training program. Enrollment verification from the approved apprenticeship training program is required.

​To request a waiver, students must complete a Student Health Center Fee Waiver Form application form.
A new waiver application is required every term and must be submitted by the end of the second week
of instruction.

For more information or to request a Student Health Center Fee Waiver please contact Student Health Services at

Will I get a refund if I withdraw from enrollment?

Students are eligible for a refund when all classes are dropped/or cancelled within the enrollment fees refund policy deadlines. The refund deadline is the end of the second week of instruction for a full term class and/or within the first 10% of length of the course for a short term course. Refer to the Refund Policy in the current College Catalog.​​​​

Protecting the safety of our students and community is our top priority. FREE or Low Cost Resources courtesy of We recommend calling organizations providing the resources below to verify that they are still active.















Didn't find what you were looking for on our website? 

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211 Community Connect Riverside County

2-1-1 COMMUNITY CONNECT: 2-1-1 is a toll free, confidential service providing Riverside County residents access and referrals to community and health information 24 hours a day, 7-days a week and in many languages. Are you or someone you know in need of food and shelter information, suicide prevention hotline, health care and mental health services, job training and unemployment services, education and the arts, rent and mortgage assistance, financial assistance, children’s services including day care, senior services including social security, help with healthcare options, and/or ways to volunteer.