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Registration Priority Group


In order to receive priority or early registration all new first-time students must complete their placement, orientation and counseling including at minimum an abbreviated SEP at least three weeks prior to registration. All continuing students should develop a comprehensive SEP by the end of their third primary term.

Priority Registration Groups:

  • Active duty military and veteran students
  • Current and former foster or homeless youth
  • Students who are CalWORKs recipients
  • EOPS students
  • Accommodation Service Center (formerly DSPS) students

Other Registration Groups:

  1. Student Representatives under External/Internal Mandates

  2. First Year Experience students

English and Math College Readiness

  1. College Proficient – Completed English 101 or 103 and Math 105 or higher

  2. Partial Proficient - Completed English 101 or Math 105/115/140

  3. College Ready – Placement into College Level Math & English; or Completed English 98 or lower and/or Math 96 or lower; or Previously assessed into English 98 or lower and/or Math 96 or lower

  4. Unit Limitation and Higher Degree:

    1. Students with 100 or more degree applicable earned units

    2. Students with a higher degree (Associates from another institution, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate)

  5. All students on probation and/or dismissal.

  6. Non-Matriculated Students – Students with educational goal of maintain certificate/license, personal development or 4 year student and students who have not completed one or more core services (placement, orientation and counseling).

  7. Concurrently enrolled high school students who have completed the matriculation and concurrent enrollment processes.

NOTE: EAP Scores, SAT scores, Multiple Measures, Curriculum Alignment and High School ERWC are accepted to determine registration group.

NOTE: Completed for the purpose of this document means completing the course and earning a passing grade: A, B, C, P or CR.