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Registration Guidelines

Registration groups are determined using multiple criteria to include California Education Code, Title 5, and local district policies which take into account college readiness. 

Registration dates are set in descending order (except for students with 100 unit limitations) within each registration group, so that students with the greatest number of completed units are first, and the least number of completed units follow.
Each registration group (excluding non-matriculated students), includes First-time students who are fully matriculated (placement, orientation and counseling) in combination with Continuing and Returning students.
In support of the Student Success Support Program (SB 1456) all first time students will be required to complete a Student Educational Plan. Continuing students must complete a comprehensive educational plan by the end of their third primary term (summer is not considered a primary term) in order to maintain registration status. Failure to do so may drop a student’s registration position to non-matriculated.
Each registration group has a 100 degree applicable unit limitation except for EOPS students, whose unit limitation is 70 degree applicable units and Foster Youth students, for which the unit limitation does not apply. With the exception of these two groups all other students with 100 or more units fall into the 100+ group and registration dates are assigned in ascending order.
All students except Foster Youth who are on academic and/or progress probation/dismissal for two consecutive semesters shall have their registration position dropped to the probation/dismissal group. Students may submit a Loss of Priority Registration Appeal form under limited conditions specified on the form.
Completed transfer equivalent coursework or College Ready Prerequisite Challenge forms must be evaluated three weeks prior to start of registration in order to be considered for registration group designation. A student may also submit a Prerequisite Evaluation or Prerequisite Challenge along with un-official college transcripts or student statement that identifies a student’s college readiness.