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Request for Services

How to Complete Your Request for Services:
STEP 1:  
Log into EagleAdvisor
 My MSJC EagleAdvisor
STEP 2: 
Under Payment and Purchases, select the last link labeled "DSPS Request for Services"
Payments and Purchases
From the drop-down menu, select the semester for which you are requesting services - Click submit
term drop-down menu
STEP 4: 
Your current registered courses are listed under "Select Section
Your approved accommodations are listed under "Approved Accommodations" in the drop-down menu
First, select the first course listed, from your drop-down menu, select each accommodation needed for that course 
**All ASC students myst also selected "Notify Instructor" for all courses
Complete this action for all listed courses!
Request for Services Page
Review your selections to ensure accuracy
Review Page
Once you are happy with your request, check the "Authorize" box and then click "Submit", done!
Great job! Remember to do your Request for Services every semester!
  • Once the above task is completed and submitted, all selected course instructors will receive an email (to their account) with your name and approved accommodations. The ASC highly recommends that you, the student, have a conversation with each instructor letting them know what you need. Let's set ourselves up for success!
  • If you later:
  • enroll in additional classes for which you need accommodations
  • change sections or
  • learn that the class has moved to a different location

You will need to complete all of the steps above, again, this will inform your new instructors as well as the ASC. 

  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing students who have requested an interpreter or real-time captionist, and make changes to their schedules, in addition to submitting a NEW Request for Services form, are ALSO responsible for notifying the Lead Interpreter at IMMEDIATELY to ensure that your accommodations are in place and appropriate to the change in your class schedule.