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GED Classes

Mt. San Jacinto College Adult Education is offering free GED classes!

Do you wish you had your high school diploma? 

Our General Education classes will provide you with review and practice of your math, reading, and writing skills. 

Reaching this educational milestone will help you reach your future educational and employment goals

Importan​t Information 

  • Fall 2020 classes start online August 24. 
  • Registration occurs online. 
  • Tell your friends! However, due to high demand, all classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Students will be evaluated to determine their level at time of registration​


Cl​asses by Locatio​n

Betty Gibbel Regional Learning Center

Menifee Valley C​ampus​​ 

Perris Locations  

Perris Community Adult School 

Perris High School  

San Jacinto Campus 

Temecula Elementary School   



  • ​Students will learn writing, reading comprehension, science, social studies, arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry skills required to pass the GED or HiSET test. 

GED focusing on Math 

  • ​Students will focus on math skills including arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry required to pass the GED or HiSET test.  

GED focusing on English 

  • ​Students will focus on writing and reading comprehension skills required to pass the GED or HiSET test.