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English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

Non-credit English as a Second Language Program

Mt. San Jacinto College Adult Education Department offers an outstanding noncredit English as a Second Language program designed to help improve your English communication skills, sharpen your study and job skills, and develop your knowledge of technology. Our program also affords you an opportunity to work with a college counselor to explore your next steps - be it in our non-credit career planning courses, strengthening your resume or pursuing your certificate or degree program at MSJC.

Courses are offered at our main campus locations in San Jacinto and Menifee as well as at multiple locations throughout the community.

There are 3 main levels in our noncredit ESL program: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced (see course descriptions below). Our Multi-level 1 & 2 classes combine the competencies in the above levels to better suit the needs of our students at each location.

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Level Classes

In each level class, you will learn integrated English skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. Our Beginning / Multi-Level 1 classes focus primarily on conversation while our Advanced classes help students develop their writing skills for work or continuing education. Individual and group projects and presentations will help you further develop and apply your language skills. Each level class administers CASAS reading and listening tests to document your progress in learning English. Level classes meet for 6-8 hours per week.

  Multi-Level 2
Multi-Level 1  
Beginning ⇒ Intermediate ⇒ Advanced

In this level students will learn basic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for everyday needs. Instruction will emphasize general language construction.

In this level, students will continue to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Students will improve conversational skills and learn more about verb tenses. This level emphasizes development of advanced reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills for work and study.

Each student will be evaluated at the beginning of each semester. If you have any questions, please email us at: