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Career Training Classes

Join us in these new opportunities to help you get started toward a new career. These non-credit classes will prepare you to succeed as an apprentice or a continuing student in the certificate or degree programs that Mt. San Jacinto College offers.​​​ ​

Important Information​ ​​

  • Fall classes meet August - December 
  • See FA21 catalog or contact office for details and start dates 
  • Registration occurs online 
  • Due to high demand, all classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis 
For more information please call (951) 487-3707 ​


Cla​​sses by Career

Introduction to Business - Menifee 

Introduction to Business - San Jacinto  

Introduction to Child Development - Menifee

Introduction to Child Development - San Jacinto

College and Career Planning - Menifee 

College and Career Planning - San Jacinto  

Introduction to Culinary Arts - Murrieta 

Introduction to Culinary Arts - Temecula 

Introduction to Health Careers - Menifee 

Pre-Apprenticeship to Construction/Carpenters - Temecula 

Pre-Apprenticeship to Construction/Carpenters - Banning 

Light Duty Automotive​​ - San Jacinto 

Principles of Digital Communication - Menifee 

Cour​se Descriptions

Child Development

  • Learn entry level skills in working with children. This class will focus on understanding and addressing challenging behaviors in children. Prepare to enter MSJC Child Development and Education certificate or degree program.

Introduction to Business

  • This class will teach basic skills in business communication, math, customer service, sales, and professionalism. This class will prepare students to enter into MSJC Business certificate or degree programs.

Introduction to Culinary Arts

  • Introduction to Culinary Arts will provide students with the key skills of food handling, preparation, and cooking. Students will earn their food handler card and a certificate from the City of Temecula. This course is designed to align with our future MSJC credit culinary arts program in development, as well as prepare students for employment in local restaurant and resort kitchens.

Pre-Apprenticeship to Construction/Carpenters

  • Construction / Carpenters class will teach basic construction and carpentry skills, terminology, and safety. Students will gain skills to start a career in construction and carpentry in the building trades.Southwest Carpenters Training Program includes general orientation, apprenticeship, introduction to the construction industry, CPR and First Aid, OSHA safety certification, blueprint reading, applied mathematics for construction and more

Principles of Digital Communication

  • Students in this course will learn the foundational computer related skills involved in digital communication such as successfully navigating files and using Photoshop Elements. Instruction will include how to structure, transfer, and navigate basic image files. Prepare to enter into MSJC Digital Communication certificate and degree programs, or access entry-level jobs in the field. ​

​​Light Duty Automotive

  • Learn basic repair and maintenance skills. This class will prepare students to enter MSJC Automotive Transportation Technology certificate or degree program​