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Transfer Guarantees

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Transfer Gurantees:

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The Associate Degree for Transfer (A.A.-T or A.S.-T) is a special, new degree offered at California Community Colleges. To pursue this special degree rather than a traditional AA or AS degree, you should meet with a counselor to develop an education plan that puts you on the path toward the A.A.-T or A.S.-T degree.

The guarantee itself means that students who earn an A.A.-T or A.S.-T degree and meet the CSU minimum eligibility requirements are guaranteed admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular campus or major. With the special degree, you may be given a GPA bump when applying to an impacted campus outside your local area or an impacted major that is deemed similar.

In addition, once at the CSU, if you are admitted and enrolled in a designated similar degree program you have the opportunity to complete your bachelor’s degree with as little as 60 semester units or 90 quarter units of coursework. A counselor will help you determine which CSUs offer bachelor’s degrees that correspond to your A.A.-T or A.S.-T degree. It is still important for you to apply to the schools that interest you and follow admissions deadlines to be considered.

A.A.-T / A.S.-T Degrees Offered at MSJC

Explore the majors listed below to find out which is right for you:

 A.A.-T / A.S.-T Degrees



University of California Transfer Admission Gurantees (UC TAG):

TAG agreements may guarantee admission to a university upon completion of a contract developed between the student and a four-year representative from one of the universities listed below. Agreements do not guarantee admission to the major of your choice at the receiving institution.

UC Matrix 2017 - 2018


Arizona State University - Guaranteed Program for Admission:

Arizona State University (ASU) offers guaranteed admission to Mt. San Jacinto College students who meet the requirements listed below. To learn more and to complete the sign-up form  for the Guaranteed Program for Admission visit 

Students may sign up for the Guaranteed Program for Admission at any point while attending a participating California community college. If you sign up to participate in the program, you will be admitted to the university if you earned a high school diploma or a GED with a score of 500 or more, plus one of the following: 

  • 24 college-level (non-remedial) transferable units with a 3.00 or higher cumulative transfer GPA

  • An Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), or California State University General Education (CSU GE) with a minimum 2.50 cumulative transfer GPA

  • An associate degree with a 2.50 or higher GPA