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MyMSJC Account Management Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MyMSJC Account Management?

MyMSJC Account Management is a self-service password reset and unlock program, which can be accessed from the web anywhere in the world; at home or at work, on a traditional computer or personal device. It allows you to take ownership of your network password, resolving forgotten password issues faster and without having to submit a ticket or wait for a technical support response. Activation of MyMSJC Account Management requires a one-time enrollment process, additional layer of security utilizing your personal email address. The total activation process should take less than 5 minutes. Once activated, it will not be necessary to repeat these steps.

During the process of setup with MyMSJC Account Management, you will need to provide a personal outside email address. This step helps secure your account and have an easy way to retrieve your account if you have forgotten your login credentials.


How do I activate MyMSJC account? 


MSJC will send a Welcome email to the personal email address listed on your self-sevice portal. The email will be sent from "".

mymsjc email

  2. Select the link in the email to navigate to the activation page.



  3. You are now able to set your password. Select "Set Your Initial Password".

identity proven


  4. Enter your username and a new password. 

set password


  5. Select "Try to continue logging in".

password reset



You will need to enter a recovery email address. Enter a personal outside email address.


recovery email


  7. You will need to verify the email account by entering the one time passcode sent to your personal email .

verify email



You are now set to login to your MyMSJC account at 

Please note Username:


Do I have a MyMSJC account to login to Canvas, Self-Service, and other web-based service?

Students with an admission application on file with MSJC for Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 2022, or Fall 2022 will receive a new MyMSJC account. Additionally, students that have enrolled in any section in Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022 will receive a new MyMSJC account. Welcome emails containing MyMSJC account information will be sent on December 21, , 2021.  

Recommended Next Steps: If you are not eligible for a MyMSJC account, consider applying for enrollment at MSJC (

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Welcome emails have been sent, but I didn't receive a welcome email

Welcome emails are sent to the personal email address on file with MSJC and can be updated by students in the Self Service Profile webpage. Some email providers deliver email to the user’s Junk Folder. Here is a video on how to find your welcome email (   

Recommended Next Steps: If you don’t have a personal email on file and cannot receive your welcome email, please contact enrollment services (951-465-7887 or  

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I've updated my personal email with Enrollment Services, how long until I receive a welcome email?

It takes approximately 1 hour for MSJC to process a personal email submission and apply that email address to the student account. Welcome emails will be sent immediately following the processing of the personal email. Alternatively, a student can request an Account Activation email. 

I have a new MyMSJC account, how do I login with my new MyMSJC account?

Here’s a quick video on logging the first time. 

Recommended Next Steps: Watch the video and activate your MyMSJC account 

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Do I have to enroll an alternate email with MyMSJC Account Management?

You are not required to enroll into an alternate email. However, to enhance your security for your account, we highly recommend this option.


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How do I update my default OTP personal email address?

Personal email address can be updated by students under MyMSJC account management. It takes approximately 1 hour for MSJC to process a personal email submission and apply that email address to the student account.

During the enrollment process, I haven't received my one-time passcode.

During the enrollment process for your alternate email address you will be sent a one-time passcode. If you haven't received the passcode in twenty to thirty seconds, check your junk/spam folder.

How to get additional help?


For additional help, please contact:

MSJC Technology Helpdesk