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MyMSJC Account Management Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MyMSJC Account Management?

MyMSJC Account Management is a self-service password reset and unlock program, which can be accessed from the web anywhere in the world; at home or at work, on a traditional computer or personal device. It allows you to take ownership of your network password, resolving forgotten password issues faster and without having to submit a ticket or wait for a technical support response. Activation of MyMSJC Account Management requires a one-time enrollment process with an optional, additional layer of security utilizing your personal email address / mobile device. The total activation process should take less than 5 minutes. Once activated, it will not be necessary to repeat these steps.

During the process of setup with MyMSJC Account Management, you will come across multiple steps which include enrollment for Challenge Answers, Phone, and Email. These steps help secure your account and have an easy way to retrieve your account if you have forgotten your login credentials.

  1. Challenge Questions – If you have forgotten your password, you may use this option to create a new password or unlock your account.
  2. Mobile Phone – Another option to recovery your password or unlock your account. Depending on the selection you make at this page will determine if you receive a SMS/Text Message or a phone call with your one-time password. You must have your phone available at this section to continue, otherwise you may skip and complete it at another time.
  3. Email – If you decide to opt out of MyMSJC Account Management’s Mobile Phone enrollment, you will have a personal email setup to receive your one-time password for your account recovery.

 How do I join my account with MyMSJC Account Management? 

  1. Navigate to and login.

MyMSJC Account Management login screen


  2. You will be prompted for Challenge Answers, click continue. If you select skip, you will have a fixed number of times you may do so before it requires you to select the Challenge Answers.

Challenge Answers for account recovery options screen


  3. Please select and answer four of the twelve questions on this page. You may not use the same question twice and your answers must be at least three non-repeating characters long.

Security Questions and Answers screen


  4. Click on "Click here to continue logging in." to continue.

end-user self service, continue to login screen


  5. An additional layer of security for your protection. MyMSJC Account Management has added an authentication type with your account. This will allow MSJC to contact you with a verification code, either through an SMS/Text message or a phone call. By selecting this phone can receive SMS/Text Messages (Note: date rates may apply) you will receive a one-time password through SMS/Text Message. If you select “This phone cannot receive SMS/Text Messages.” a phone call will be made to your phone with a one-time password on the next screen. Alternatively if you decide you don’t want your phone registered through this message, you may select skip or check the box to Permanently Suppress Reminders and select skip to never get prompted to register your phone. (Note: you may add a phone anytime once you completed MyMSJC Account Management enrollment.)

mobile phone account recovery options screen


  6. If you started the enrollment process with your mobile phone either SMS/Text Messages or a phone call. This screen will display where you will enter the one-time password that was sent to your device. Note: This one time password may take ten to fifteen seconds to show up. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.

mobile phone one-time password screen


  7. Click “Click here to continue logging in.” to continue.

end-user self service, continue to login screen


  8. Please enter an alternative email address for MyMSJC Account Management. Note: Use a personal email address and not your MSJC email address. This emai will help you to get access to your account if you forget your password. This will send a one-time password to the account you typed in.

personal email account recovery options screen


  9. Once you receive your one-time password through the email address provided, enter it and select continue. This one time password may take 20-30 seconds to show up. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.

personal email one-time password screen


  10. Click “Click here to continue logging in.” to continue.

end-user self service, continue to login screen


  11. This last page will allow you to choose how MSJC will contact you. Please select yes on the appropriate categories. The categories consist of Enrollment Information, General College Information, and Counseling/Assessment Appointment Reminders.

sms/text message authorization screen


  12. You have successfully joined MyMSJC Account Management.

MyMSJC Account Management screen



Why am I required to change my password after I log in?


Starting on June 27, 2017, MSJC will be enforcing new minimum password complexity rules at the time of login. If your current password does not meet the new rules, you will be required to change your password. Additionally, all users will not be able to re-use their most recent 5 passwords and each new password must vary from your prior passwords by at least 4 characters.

Your new password must always satisfy the following rules. The password must be at least 10 characters long and must have 1 numeric character. It must also satisfy any of the following rules. It must have at least 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, or 1 special character.
Password Complexity Requirements

Do I have to enroll a phone and alternate email with MyMSJC Account Management?

    You are not required to enroll into mobile phone and alternate email. However, to enhance your security for your account, we highly recommend these two options


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I've forgotten my password or my account is locked out. How do I reset it?


Navigate to and type in your username.

  2. Select “Forgot Password?” under the password entry box.
  3. Select your recovery option that suits your need. Unlock Account or Reset Forgotten Password.
  4. Now, select the Authentication type available, either the 3 Challenge Answers or through a One-Time Password (Text or Phone, depending on how you joined MyMSJC Account Management).

What are challenge questions and why should I use them?

    Challenge questions are a way of verifying your identity to the MyMSJC Account Management system. If you forgotten your password or your account is locked, you can use these challenge questions as one of your options to reset your password or unlock the account without having to contact technical support.

How do I change my default OTP delivery method?

    Your default One-Time Password (OTP) delivery method will be through your mobile phone enrollment. You may change the default OTP delivery method by logging into MyMSJC Account management from and selecting OTP Delivery Methods. You may change the method for Account Unlocks and Password Resets at anytime.

Change OTP Delivery Methods


    You may choose from Phone, Email or Helpdesk. If you select Helpdesk, you will be required to call to have an OTP sent to you. Please have your student ID available for the Helpdesk Technician and call 951-465-7677. Keep note that business hours are subject to change between semesters.


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During the join process, I haven't received my one-time password.

    During the join process for your alternate email address you will be sent a one-time password. If you haven't received the password in twenty to thirty seconds, check your junk/spam folder.


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How do I change or reset my Challenge Questions after joining?

  1. Login to MyMSJC Account Management at and select Challenge Questions.

change or clear challenge questions screen


  2. Select Change or Clear my Answers.

How do I change my password after joining?

  1. Login to MyMSJC Account Management at and select the Account Details and Activity section (if it’s not already selected).

account details and activity screen.


  2. Select “Change Password”.


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How do I change my alternate email address after joining?

  1. Login to MyMSJC Account Management at and select Registered Email Address.

add or change personal email address screen


  2. Under this section you will see add email or change my email. Select the one you choose for a one-time password to be generated to that personal email address.


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How do I add or delete a mobile phone after joining?

  1. Login to MyMSJC Account Management at and select Registered Phones.

add or change registered mobile phone


  2. You will see any phones you have registered with the remove option to the right of the listing. Underneath any phones registered you will have an add new phone option.



How do I manage my Text Message Authorizations after joining?

  1. Login to MyMSJC Account Management at and select Manage Text Message Authorizations.
  2. You will see a link to manage text message authorizations, click that to continue.
  3. Once you select which text message authorizations you like, click submit.

How to get additional help?


For additional help, please contact:

MSJC Technology Helpdesk