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Current Student Milestones

The overall goal of Student Milestones is to help you explore, build, and prepare depending on the number of units you have completed and your identified major. Student Milestones are here to help you stay on track with activities recommended by the Counseling Department such as:

  • Exploring career and transfer options
  • Getting ready for the upcoming term
  • Meeting with a counselor
  • Applying for financial aid

These milestones are not required of students and have no negative impact on your journey. Instead, they are here to guide and support you with personalized helpful steps toward meeting your goals.

Through the Student Milestones platform on ConexEd, you will be connected to your pathway counseling team. Your team of counselors can:

  • View the milestones you have completed
  • Reach out to you when needed
  • Help you stay on track along your journey

For more information about accessing your Milestones, see the video below.