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Meet the Counseling Department

Citlali Gonzales
Associate Dean of Counseling

Mary Lou Dillard
Director of Counseling

Pathway Counselors

Arts, Communication & Design (ACD)

First Name​ ​Last Name​ ​Location ​Email
Bertha Barraza San Jacinto Campus
Miranda Angeles Menifee Valley Campus
Adriana Magda Menifee Valley Campus

Diana Serrano Menifee Valley Campus

Liza Alvia ​San Jacinto Campus


Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship (BTE)

​First Name ​Last Name Location ​​Email
Betsy Ramos de Guzman San Jacinto Campus
Meghan Basgall Temecula Valley Campus
Sonia Verduzco Menifee Valley Campus
Frankee Chavoya Menifee Valley Campus


Health & Wellness (HW)

First Name​ ​Last Name ​Other Specialties ​Email
Hyman Alvia Fire Technology
Matt Leyden ADN, LVN, RN
Alma Alvarez DMS, EMT
Jamie Olmos ADN, LVN, RN
Leticia Munoz CNA, HHA


People, Culture & Public Services (PCPS)

First Name​ ​Last Name ​Location ​Email
April Vrtis Menifee Valley Campus

Elias Escamilla Temecula Valley Campus
Rosalva Amezcua Menifee Valley Campus
Shartelle Fears Menifee Valley Campus
Danelle Smith Menifee Valley Campus
Kelynn Johnson Menifee Valley Campus

Tony  Real Menifee Valley Campus


Science, Math & Engineering (SME)

First Name ​Last Name Location ​​Email
Cynthia Garcia Menifee Valley Campus
Cynthia  Vargas San Jacinto Campus

Heather Pomerenke Temecula Valley Campus

Tatiana  Somers Menifee Valley Campus

Alexis Calderon-Ferrino Menifee Valley Campus

Claudia  Gutierrez San Jacinto Campus

Katie  Owashi Menifee Valley Campus

Yarick Whitmore San Jacinto Campus


Special Population Counselors

Accommodation Services Center (formerly DSPS)

Dr. Terry Russell
Director of ASC

First Name ​Last Name ​Location​ ​​Email
Daniel Martinez-Sarabia Menifee Valley Campus
Estefany  Solis Menifee Valley Campus

Katherine  Barnes San Jacinto Campus


Athletic Support Program

First Name ​Last Name ​Location ​​Email
Jenn Burleson San Jacinto Campus

Debra  Gleason San Jacinto Campus



Lisa Campbell
Director of CalWORKs

First Name ​Last Name ​Location ​​Email
Bradley Stradling Menifee Valley Campus

Dalonie Washington San Jacinto Campus


Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)

Heather Jones
Director of EOPS

First Name ​Last Name ​Other Specialties​ ​​Email
Pamela James Alpha A-F

Thai Phan Alpha G-L

Duc Nguyen Alpha M-R

Lourdes Maldonado Alpha S-Z

Courtney Hall Foster Youth

Gerardo Ortiz-Cardenas UndocuDREAMers

SynToia Hunt CARE


K-12 Partnerships

Jenny Hughes
Director of K-12 Partnerships

First Name ​Last Name ​Location ​​Email
April  Wardwell Menifee Valley Campus

Karina Mejia San Jacinto Campus



Pamela Wright
Director of Transfer

First Name ​Last Name ​Location ​​Email
Escarlett Wirth Menifee Valley Campus


Umoja (a Kiswahili word meaning unity)

First Name ​Last Name Location ​​Email
Darnell  Bing San Jacinto Campus

Quinlan  Strong San Jacinto Campus


Veterans Resource Center (VRC)

Terry Russell
Director of VRC

First Name ​Last Name ​Location ​​Email
Debra Gleason Temecula Valley Campus dgleason​
Leslie Alarcon Menifee Valley Campus ​​​


Student Support


Retention Specialist

First Name​ ​Last Name Location ​Email
Angela Barbera ​San Jacinto Campus


Administrative Associate III

First Name​ ​Last Name ​Location ​Email
​Cynthia​ ​Prenti​ce ​​Menifee Valley Campus​


Administrative Associate II (Counseling Front Desk Staff)

First Name​ ​Last Name ​Location ​Email
Carla​​ Jackson​ ​Menifee Valley Campus​
Dena Lewis Menifee Valley Campus
Janet Evans Temecula Valley Campus
Rosa Jimenez San Jacinto Campus