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Responsible Employees

Responsible Employees are nonconfidential resources with specific responsibilities under District policy (AP 3434).


Responsible Employees are required to promptly report all relevant information they reasonably know about sexual harassment or other sex or gender-based misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. This includes, but is not limited to:

Providing Information to Students

Responsible Employees are expected to inform each student who provides information regarding sexual harassment or other sex or gender-based misconduct of the student's ability to report to the Title IX Coordinator and available methods for doing so.

The Title IX Reporting Form is the most common way that individuals Report Sexual Harassment or Other Sex or Gender-Based Misconduct. Reports can also be made in the following ways:

  • In person
  • By email
  • By phone
  • By mail

Individuals seeking a confidential resource may contact the Student Health Center ( or 951-465-8371) to schedule an appointment with one of MSJC's Mental Health Counselors. Mental Health Counselors are considered confidential resources and are not required to report sex or gender-based misconduct, unless otherwise required by law.

District Employees Required to Report

The following employees are required to promptly report sexual harassment and other sex or gender-based misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator:

  • Any member of the Executive Cabinet deemed an "Official with Authority;”
  • Any District employee who regularly interacts with students as part of their job duties
  • Any District employee who is identified as a supervisor under California's Fair Employee and Housing Act (FEHA);
  • Any District employee who holds any of the following positions, or substantially similar positions or job duties, regardless of the specific title (SB 493):
    • Title IX Coordinator or other coordinators designated to comply with and carry out the institutions responsibilities under this procedure;
    • Residential advisors, while performing the duties of employment for the institution;
    • Housing directors, coordinators, deans;
    • Student life directors, coordinators, deans;
    • Athletic directors, coordinators, deans;
    • Coaches of any student athletic or academic team or activities;
    • Faculty and associate faculty, teachers, instructors, lecturers;
    • Graduate student instructors, while performing the duties of employment or the institution;
    • Laboratory directors, coordinators, principal investigators;
    • Internship or externship directors, coordinators;
    • Study abroad program directors, coordinators.

Responsible Employees can find more resources on the Title IX SharePoint.

District Employees Not Required to Report

Employees who do not fall into one of the categories above are not required to report sexual harassment or other sex or gender-based misconduct, however, they are encouraged to do so.