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Automated External Defibrillators

AED’s are used in response for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, response time is short and the use of an AED increases the chances of survival – for everyone, including you. There are several AEDs in place at MSJC campuses:


AED Locations

Menifee (MVC) - Building 500 main lobby

Menifee (MVC) - Building 700 in the lobby near the right side of Reception

Menifee (MVC) - Building 800 in the lobby near 805 doors

Menifee (MVC) - Building 2004 Campus Safety office

Menifee (MVC) – Building 3000 in the lobby near Room 3002

Menifee (MVC) - Building 5000 Floor 1 in breezeway

Menifee (MVC) - Building 5000 Floor 2 in Weight Room

Menifee (MVC) - Building 5000 Floor 3 in Press Box


San Jacinto (SJC) - Building 300 Library

San Jacinto (SJC) - Building 750 Campus Safety office

San Jacinto (SJC) - Building 1100 Instruction

San Jacinto (SJC) – Building 1450 EMT

San Jacinto (SJC) - Building 2150 Childcare

San Jacinto (SJC) - Building 1960 Athletic Training Room


Temecula (TVC) – Floor 1 in hallway between Library Resource Center (LRC) and Student Health Center

Temecula (TVC) – Floor 1 Health Services office (TA-116)

Temecula (TVC) – Floor 2 near central stairwell between Enrollment Services and Elevator

Temecula (TVC) – Floor 3 near Information Technology (IT) and President’s Office

Temecula (TVC) – Floor 4 near central stairwell between room 406 and 414

Temecula (TVC) – Floor 5 near central stairwell between room 515 and 516


In the event of an emergency – always dial 9-1-1- FIRST (Dial 8-911 from a District phone) and then get AED.


Please make yourself familiar with the locations of the AED’s and watch the following demo 

In addition to using an AED, please feel free to visit for more information on:

Hands Only CPR