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Information for High School Counselors

MSJC Educational Partners

The Outreach Office at Mt. San Jacinto College endeavors to provide all students with the  information and tools to start their educational objectives at MSJC. The Outreach Office is committed to providing district high schools with a range of matriculation services on site for high school students. To receive outreach services at your high school, please return the Outreach Services Request Form along with any supplemental forms required.

Outreach Services Request Form


Concurrent & Dual High School Enrollment

In order to provide educational enrichment opportunities to high school students capable of advanced scholastic and vocational study, Mt. San Jacinto College has established the Concurrent High School Enrollment.  Concurrent enrollment permits high school students to take advanced courses, giving them a head start on their college education. These are regular college courses, and students earn full college credit for their work. Because this is a special program, students must meet special requirements, and not all college classes are open to high school students.


Transfer enhancement programs and services are available at MSJC to assist students planning to transfer to four year colleges or universities;

PTKPhi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), founded in 1918, has 1,200 chapters in all 50 states and abroad. PTK is a national honorary society for community college students. PTK recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement by students and provides opportunities for individual growth and development through honors, leadership and service programs. Members must have a grade point average of 3.5 or better (based on a 4 point system) and have completed 12 degree-applicable units at MSJC. 


Honors Enrichment Program

The mission of the Honors Enrichment Program is to create, promote, and sustain a learning environment for highly motivated students who work closely with faculty members and enrich the college and the greater community.

Not only do public and private universities actively recruit honors students, but many local, regional, and national universities-such as UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, Pomona College, and Chapman University-participate with Mt. San Jacinto College in transfer alliance programs that strengthen our honors students' prospects both for admission and for earning merit scholarship awards.


Honors Enrichment Program Admission Requirements


Requirements for first semester MSJC students to join the Honors Program:

  • Completion of the Honors Student Application.
  • Official transcripts demonstrating a 3.5 or better GPA or SAT 1890 (out of 2400), or SAT 1260 (out of 1600) or ACT 28 (out of 36).
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor or principal familiar with your academic work or, for students returning to college after a period of time away from the classroom, a letter from an employer or community member who can attest to your work habits and motivation.
  • A personal letter responding to the questions in Part III of the application form.

MSJC Transfer Center

The Mt. San Jacinto College Transfer Center is located on the San Jacinto Campus and on the Menifee Valley Campus. Students are advised to use the resources of the center to begin the planning needed for effective career and educational decision making. MSJC counselors are available on both campuses to help students on their pathway to a successful future.

  • Career Services

    Few things in life are as important as planning your future. The career services offered by Mt. San Jacinto College can help first time career seekers 

    and career changers make successful career and life choices. Three main Career Services offered are:

    The Career Resource Library has over 1,500 books, directories, materials, school catalogs, and newsletters for researching occupations and educational opportunities as well as computer-based programs. Included are over 300 audio and video cassettes for personal growth and development.

  • Transfer Services

    Mt. San Jacinto College's Transfer & Articulation Services Include:

  • Access to ASSIST the official repository for all CCC, CSU and UC articulation agreements.
  • Admission, housing, financial aid/scholarship information and assistance.
  • Information on specific majors and programs
  • Library of College/University catalogs, brochures, and extension programs.
  • Admission Applications
  • Video Library
  • Individual counseling appointments with University Representatives
  • Annual College Fair
  • Multiple electronic media resources for career, college and scholarship information; includes Internet access and web site addresses.
  • Campus tours to universities throughout Southern California.
  • Access to web site addresses for local, national, and international colleges and universities.


MSJC transfer curriculum agreements can be found online and in the Transfer Center. Ask about, "Transfer Degree With a Guarantee."

  • California State Universities and Colleges (CSU)
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

MSJC Accommodation Service Center (ASC)

  • MSJC has valuable resources for Transition students through its Accommodation Service Center (ASC)
  • High school seniors should consider attending the Summer Bridge Program! For more, contact this department in April at; 951-465-7969 or