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Who are we?

To our students of African descent, our Brothers and Sisters,

We see your beauty, your resiliency, your perseverance, and your strength.

Despite the hope we all held for the start of 2021, we all witnessed in disappointment as a mob stormed the Capitol Building on Jan. 6th. Though we remain astonished and disheartened, we would like to say to you that we are glad you are here; we want you to know we have been expecting you. That’s right! With great anticipation, we have been looking forward to seeing your beautiful skin, hearing your boisterous laughter, feeling your unmistakable energy, engaging in your intellectual genius, marveling at your kinesthetic command, and smiling at your quiet but strong presence.

As you begin or continue your education here at MSJC, please know that we don’t expect you to simply conform to the status quo. Oh no. We are hoping that you will leave your intellectual, spiritual, and physical mark on this institution as your ancestors have always done before you. Also know that we, instructors, counselors, administrators, and staff of African descent are walking alongside you in admiration and in support.

Thank you for choosing MSJC.

You are fully welcomed here!
In Community

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