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What's Online Real-Time or Online Anytime at MSJC?

October 1, 2020

Online Real-Time are classes with required, scheduled, live online meetings to provide simultaneous interaction with the instructor and other students in real time.

Online Anytime are classes that are available on your own time, 24/7 via Canvas.  Interaction with the instructor and other students may take place through discussion boards, group assignments, email, and other means. While instructors may offer optional Zoom sessions, there are no required real-time meetings.

Some courses are "blended," meaning they offer a combination of Online Real-Time and Online Anytime components. There will be required, scheduled, live online meetings, and more flexible instruction that is available on your own time.

Due to COVID-19, MSJC can offer very few "hybrid" courses, which are a combination of face-to-face and online. Courses such as nursing and automotive require some face-to-face meetings.

For all MSJC classes, the college recommends a good Internet connection that supports Zoom video conferencing.  MSJC has WiFi available in our campus parking lots. To adhere to COVID-19 restrictions, students must remain in their vehicles.  Campus facilities, including restrooms, are locked.

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