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Getting Started | Incoming Transfer Students

Career Coach

Students who identify a career path early in their time at college finish faster and with a sense of direction. Find a career that motivates you!

  1. Create an account and take the Career Assessment (a quick quiz about your interests)

  2. Explore Careers

  3. View Program Pathways at MSJC

Start your CCCApply application

After successfully submitting your application, check your personal email for follow up information.  If you do not receive any emails from MSJC within one business day, please contact Enrollment Services.

Note: High School Students must complete the High School Enrollment Packet and submit the necessary information to Enrollment Services for approval prior to the start of class.

Financial aid refers to a variety resources that are available to help you pay for college. We suggest you submit a financial aid application and find out what you may be eligible for!

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, complete the FAFSA at 

If you are a Dreamer or DACA recipient, complete the DREAM Act application at​ (for undocumented students). 

After submitting your FAFSA or CADAA, please allow 3-5 business days for MSJC to receive your information.  You will be sent a Financial Aid Acknowledgement notification to your student email address with information on how to check your application status of Self Service.  Submit any additional document requests via the Student Support Hub, in a timely manner.   Application processing time may take up to 6-8 weeks.


As the Financial Aid Office sends all communications electronically, you are advised to check your student email and Self Service FA Checklist regularly.    


See also: Financial Aid Information 

You will be sent an Account Activation notification to your personal email address with information on activating your MyMSJC account.  After activating your account with a temporary code, you will be required to create a new password and set up account retrieval options including Challenge Questions, and registering a phone and email address which will be referenced in the event that the student needs to reset their password at a later date.  Get more details about this process by visiting

  1. Log in to ​EagleAdvisor.

  2. Click on the "Student EagleAdvisor" menu.

  3. Under User Account, select "Activate Student Email Account".

  4. Enter an email password that is between 10-16 characters.

  5. Access student email from the link on the homepage or directly at

Transcripts from other previous colleges attended should be sent to MSJC.

Official transcripts can be sent electronically from an institution or vendor via email to  Paper transcripts are also accepted as long as they are unopened.

Students may need to meet with a counselor to have a Pre-requisite Evaluation complete in order to register for courses with pre-requisites fulfilled at another college.

Students should submit a Request for Evaluation for a full review of coursework that is transferrable and can be used towards a degree or certificate.


Become an expert on all things MSJC!

  • Start your orientation, login with your myMSJC username and password.
  • The online orientation will take you approximately 30 minutes and includes videos.
  • The orientation can be taken on your smart phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

See also:  Orientation Information 

Once official transcripts have been sent, the counseling department can assist with clearing prerequisites completed at a previous college, determining placement, and creating an educational plan.  

Counseling Information

Your registration date and time is the earliest point in which you may register for classes.  Since registration is online, you do not need to come to campus in order to register for classes. Many appointment times are not during business hours.

An email will be sent to your Student email account with more details about your registration appointment date and time once it is assigned for the current or upcoming semester.

Registration is completed via Self-Service.

Learn how to register for classes using Self-Service. 

For more information or answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Enrollment Services FAQ page

After you have registered for your classes and paid ALL fees, including the mandatory $6.00 Transportation Fee, you can visit the Enrollment Services office at any location to obtain your Eagle Card/RTA “GoPass.” In order to receive your Eagle Card, you MUST provide a valid photo ID.

Note: During campus closures due to COVID-19 pandemic, registered students who have paid all fees can contact Enrollment Services by emailing to request a RTA Token Transit app downloadable to their smart phone to use temporarily.

Eagle Card Information

Payment Information