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Communication Studies

The Communication Studies program is designed to develop knowledge and skills used in interpersonal, rhetorical, organizational, and public contexts within the challenging global environment. Successful students will cultivate listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills required for effective communication. Effective communication skills empower students in their understanding of interpersonal relationships, intercultural interactions, and group dynamics. In addition, our program allows students to maximize their skills and abilities learned in other disciplines to realize their full potential as communicators and members of a diverse society. 

Topics of interest to the communication scholar include: public speaking, interpersonal, argumentation & debate (forensics), small group, intercultural, media, organizational, persuasion, performance and competition.

The Value of Communication Studies 

What will you get from taking a Communication course?

  • Far more than you think.  You will use & apply the concepts taught in Communication courses in many, many areas of your life and YOU will reap the rewards.  For specifics, read below.
  • Clearer identity. We understand ourselves as we talk about our ideas and feelings, whether it's comparing family experiences or advocating a change of ideas. This leads to greater effectiveness professionally & personally.
  • Confidence. Most of us feel nervous when we are faced with an important communication situation. You can learn to channel that rush of adrenalin in ways that will increase your success.
  • Academic skills. You will develop skills in organizing thoughts and information and communicating them effectively to your instructors and other students.
  • Career skills. Numerous studies of top executives and human resources managers indicate that communication skills are highly related to job success.
  • Life skills. Communication is the foundation for satisfying relationships throughout our lives. Improved communication=improved relationships.
  • Fun. Interacting with others in Communication classes is an essential part of the course experience. Friendships begin, which may continue long after the class is over.

Employment Concentration Certificate(s)

Mt. San Jacinto College AWARD Communication, Teamwork and Leadership Employment Concentration. Soft skills are the "people skills" that accompany an individual’s technical skills and knowledge. These skills help distinguish employees in the job market and workplace and are critical to excellence in any field. This skill set includes interpersonal communication skills, the ability to work collaboratively in teams, and strengthened emotional intelligence. Additionally, strong writing, speaking and listening skills, together with enhanced critical thinking skills, allow individuals to excel in personal leadership. Career Opportunities Soft skills are a collection of skills appropriate to any career in any field. In particular, this skill set allows one to be more effective in dealing directly with co-workers and the consumer/the public.What will you get from taking a Communication course?

Communication Faculty at Mt. San Jacinto College

Mr. Michael Fleming, SJC Chair
Dr. Suzanne Uhl
Dr. David Moss
Ron Newman, District Director of Forensics and MVC Co-Chair
Basemeh Rihan, Communication Studies Center Director and MVC Co-Chair
Dr. Michele Weber​, Communication 100 Hybrid Coordinator

Communication Studies Center Hours​

In March 2016 the Communication Studies department sponsored the World Speech Day event. With this event students were able to submit a 2 minute speech about the theme “What will I do to change the world?” Gabriella Venturo was selected as the winner of this event.


San Jacinto Campus
(951) 487-MSJC (6752)
Michael Fleming (951) 487-3625
Ron Newman, Director of Forensics (951) 487-3626

Menifee Valley Campus
(951) 672-MSJC (6752)
Ronald Newman (951) 639-5628
Basemeh Rihan (951) 639-5415
Ron Newman, Director of Forensics (951) 639-5628