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Facilities Master Plan

On February 11, 2010 the Board of Trustees awarded LPA Inc. with the development of the District’s Facilities Master Plan.  The Facilities Master Plan will develop the long range plan for the next 20 to 25 years and will be a 14 month planning process.  The goal of the Facilities Master Plan is translate the strategic goals and objectives of the Education Master Plan into a physical Facilities Master Plan.  This plan will advance the mission of the District by providing a strategy for the development of the physical campus in ways furthering the District’s principals and reinforcing its goals. The Facilities Master Plan will set in motion a progressive transformation of the District’s existing and proposed campuses. 
Your feedback it important to us.  Please contact Jennifer Marrs any questions or comments about the Facilities Master Plan and Design Guidelines.   Thank you! 


On March 10, 2011 LPA presented a draft copy of the Facilities Master Plan to the Board of Trustees.  Review the presentation here:  Facilities Master Plan Update Board Meeting 3-9-2011.pdf


 If you need any information about the Facilities Master Plan process please contact Jennifer Marrs @