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Faculty Exhibition 2021

The MSJC Art Gallery is proud to present our Faculty Exhibition 2021. This is a special opportunity for the students, faculty and greater MSJC community to view and celebrate the immense talent and artistic skill that makes the MSJC Art Department such a special and thriving place. 

The exhibiting artists/faculty are Mark Batongmalaque, Kaleeka Bond, Joe Cramer, Kathy Dillon, Eileen Doktorski, Chet Glaze, Mick Gronek, John Knuth, Tania Jazz Mont, Joshua Reed, Conchi Sanford, John Scahill and John Seed.  These artists represent a wide range of artistic practices. Their mediums range from ceramics to watercolor and oil paint to sculpture. Collectively, this group of artists has shown all over the world and we are lucky to have them participating in our exhibition.  

This Faculty Show was curated to inspire students to connect with artwork by a faculty member and encourage them to enroll in classes. We hope the larger San Jacinto community will do the same. MSJC is a school with incredible assets and this show is a perfect example of the talent that the college brings to the area. We invite you to visit the online exhibition and get inspired to take an art class or get an art degree!  

Online Launch Date: March 1, 2021

Mark Batongmalaque

Teaches 108 Beg. Drawings, ART115 Painting 1, ART116 Painting 2. I also teach Art131 Digital Art, Art121 Color Theory , Art120 2D Design, & Art100 Art Appreciation at MSJC.

Mark Batongmalaque (1978 Torrance, CA) lives and works in Riverside, CA. He received his MFA with a concentration in Painting & Drawing from UCSB in 2007. Growing up as a first generation Filipino-American in the 80s & 90s, the idea of how universal & expected integration was in his everyday life, along with negotiating his ethnocultural traditions, and developing a masculine identity in the golden age of action movies; Batongmalaque has always been aware of his otherness. But that otherness was part of the grand tradition of the melting pot, not at the expense of feeling isolated, other & different because that added something to the mix of the promise he was told. Although he did get too emotional to finish Moana, because he realized that he’d never seen characters that looked like him & his family before, and that’s a cartoon, so… But that holding back the tears, that desire to grin & bear it, the macho posturing is ingrained in Batongmalaque. There is a word in Tagalog “Tigas” that is like Westerns, Beer Commercials, and Weapons all rolled into one meaning. Mark Batongmalaque is tigas, and in a time when toxic masculinity is being addressed, Batongmalaque is trying to examine how he can define what all of these things actually result in. IG: marklbat Artist Statement Mark Batongmalaque was born, raised, & makes work in Southern California. His work explores the ideas of loneliness coexisting with loving, & figuring out how desire relates to history, & more importantly, why it all feels so empty. Batongmalaque's recent work that has been focused on death & beauty, both individually & simultaneously. There is a desire to look & watch as it happens around you, address it before it passes. The fleeting moments are the same, gone, with only memories left to reminisce over, remind us, fail us. Batongmalaque’s paintings are a collection of familiar feeling images as they come or go into focus. Purposefully unresolved to occupy a transient state. Both lost & found at the same time. The images Batongmalaque works with come from all different sources. There’s no specific image he looks for, although he often wants to blur the specifics of time. He has a desire for anachronous imagery, helping reinforce the idea of familiarity and distance. In terms of actual painting, Batongmalaque is interested in creating information that revels in the device. The image is an opportunity to find a way to paint. There is a sparseness & immediacy to the way paint is applied, frugalness & economy for the sake of revealing how delicate the surface is. Mark Batongmalaque has been shown throughout the country, notably in group shows with his art crew Boys Of $ummer, & in Second Wave at the UCR ARTS, We at Azusa Pacific University, & recently the show You, Me, They: Portraying Us at Mount St. Mary’s University. His work is part of the collections of: Public Art Sculpture for San Bernardino, Ridley Tree in Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Maloof Foundation, UCR ARTS, & the APU Darling Library.

  • We Speak In Whispers When We're Outside
  • Done In The Dark
  • It Makes Me Mad At Truth
  • The Painful Path of Empathy
  • There Are Moments Where It All Falls Apart

Kaleeka Bond

Teaches beginning drawing at MSJC.

Kaleeka Bond - Kaleeka Bond was born in Virginia and grew up in Southern California. She received her BFA in 2006 and her MFA in 2008 from Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) in Laguna Beach, CA and has been exhibiting her work regularly for two decades. After obtaining her MFA, Kaleeka went on to teach drawing and painting at numerous colleges throughout Southern California. She currently teaches eight classes at five different colleges and universities and continues to exhibit her personal body of work. Alongside her busy career, Kaleeka owns and operates two businesses and raises two small kids with her husband. Influenced by behaviors in society and the impingement of mass media, she hopes to counter the effects of these disconnections with social awareness through her artwork. When interviewed about her work, Kaleeka stated; “Art has a way of opening our eyes to things that we refuse to see. I want my work to compel people to see beyond the superficial and seek the profound, ultimately allowing them to live beyond what they think of as the obvious and understand that individualism and the ability to communicate shape the uniqueness of the world.”

  • Fawohodie (Independence) - Kaleeka Quaye
  • Catfish, Pastel on paper - Kaleeka Quaye
  • Fray, Watercolor on paper
  • Tainted Love, colored pencil - Kaleeka Quaye
  • Turbulence, Watercolor 28x20in_Kaleeka Quaye

Joe Cramer

Teaches ART 156 Ceramics, and ART 122 3-D Design at MSJC

Joe Cramer - I have an MFA degree in Art from CSUF, with a concentrated area of study in ceramic art. My artwork and interests are in mixed media sculpture and contemporary ceramic forms, as well as watercolor and, more recently, relief printmaking. I started my studies in advertising design and then transitioned to 3-D fine art when I realized I was more engaged by the challenges offered by solid materials and forms. Teaching art was a natural extension of those challenges for me, always providing fresh and interesting work with new people and art in the studio, and now in the virtual classroom.

  • Play Me, self-portrait, 2017
  • Play Me, self-prortrait, detail
  • Allow Me, self-portrait, 2019
  • Oil Vessel, 2018
  • Joy Ride, teapot 2016

Kathy Dillon

Teaches Art History, Art Appreciation, Drawing, Painting, 2-D Design, Color Theory, and Illustration at MSJC

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts degree from California State University, Fullerton and have been a teacher in many areas of art and art history. It is always rewarding to help someone learn something new, and my students never cease to inspire me. My other job is as Exhibition Designer and Educational Coordinator for the Edward-Dean Museum. I have worked in various museums as a designer and artist. My work incorporates a love for history and a celebration of human creativity and wonder.

  • Moe and Zoe
  • Patriot
  • Mikes Car
  • big Idea

Eileen Doktorski in the field

Teaches Art History (101), Art Appreciation (100), 2-D Design (120) and Beginning Drawing (108). Other courses I have taught at MSJC include; Sculpture (160), 3-D Design (122, Ceramic Arts (151), Mural Painting (119) and Art History II (102) at MSJC

Eileen Doktorski is Art Department co-chair at the Menifee Valley campus and has taught at MSJC since 2009.She earned her MFA and BFA degrees from the Yale School of Art and Parsons School of Design and studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She completed a Fulbright Fellowship at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Poland, and was awarded grants from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Her sculptures and installations have been exhibited at museums, art centers and university and college galleries in the United States, Poland and Korea. Doktorski volunteers her time and leadership skills to advocate the value of arts education and make the arts accessible to diverse communities. She has served on arts advisory boards that include the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Artspace and Dorland Mountain Arts Colony. She has curated exhibitions at art centers and college galleries and has facilitated student mural projects on the San Jacinto campus (SJC) and within the local community. She is co-organizer of the Recycled Art & Fashion Show (2012-2021) which showcases student talents alongside regional designers. While serving as the sole full-time art faculty member on the SJC (2009-2019), she facilitated numerous arts events which served as catalysts for students to become more active and engaged members of the community. Doktorski is currently co-chair of the MSJC Diversity Committee, which facilitates college/community events celebrating a multiplicity of voices and viewpoints. Over the years her emphasis has evolved from a focus on studio practice in sculpture to curating and scholarship on art and aesthetics. She is currently completing her third year of advanced research in ‘Philosophy and Theory of Art’ at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA). She has curated twelve exhibitions at art centers and college art galleries and has presented on at national conferences for FATE (Foundations, Art, Theory & Education) and CCHA (Community College Humanities Association). She has presented her scholarship internationally at IDSVA’s conferences in Mexico City, New York City and Spanocchia, Italy.

  • Artifact. Broken Scissors
  • Capitol Souvenir
  • Artifact. I.V.
  • Artifact. Open Book
  • Artifacts. Process

Chet Glaze

Teaches Painting, Drawing, 2D Design, 3D Design, Sculpture, Ceramics, Color Theory, Digital Art and Art Appreciation at MSJC.

Chet Glaze was born in Fontana, CA in 1976. After a short enlistment in the US Army, Glaze attended college with the intent to study architecture. After a few studio art courses however, Glaze changed his major to studio art and completed his Bachelor of Arts in 2004 from California State University, San Bernardino with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. Glaze then attended the University of California, Santa Barbara for his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) which he completed in 2006. About my work: A real phantom is not separate from the person witnessing it. They are, in every sense, the same thing subjectively experiencing each other at the same time. Not unlike a simple reflection of the mirror, each interprets what it sees through the lens of their own unique experiences and various histories. The so-called “poltergeist”, often thought of as an autonomous entity, is really just the projection of trauma and the human attempt to cultivate it into something tangible, relatable, and fundamentally beautiful. This relationship between phantom and witness evokes the long standing puritanical American traditions of emotional denial, self immolation, repressed sexuality, and unspoken anger. My work seeks to explore this particular phenomena by engaging collective trauma through the lens of the space that exists between the phantom and the person who conjures it.

  • We walk in the same place over and over
  • The Little Girl Story
  • Relaxing your beliefs long enough to remember
  • Scuzzy Drip
  • The point in which you understand there is no

Mick Gronek

Teaches Art 108 & 109 / Beginning and Intermediate Drawing at MSCJ.

Mick Gronek’s paintings involves the application of patinas on various metals to provoke an alchemical transformation. He sets into motion a partially uncontrolled process of oxidation that will continue to react to it’s environment in an unfixed state. This activated surface is visually layered to create an ambiguity of spatial depth and meaning.  

Since 1977, Southern California based visual artist Mick Gronek has been engaged in a process of exploration that is rooted in the traditions of painting and influenced by printmaking techniques, creating his own version of contemporary abstraction. After studying at U. C. Riverside he began to experiment with patinas and various metals to create a series of “chemical paintings”. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including juried shows by critic Peter Frank and artists Judy Chicago and Laddie Dill. After completing his B. A. Degree from U. C. Riverside and an M. F. A. from Claremont Graduate University he began exhibiting his work and maintains a studio in San Jacinto, Ca. and Portland, Or. He teaches at Mt. San Jacinto College. 

  • Mick Gronek
  • Mick Gronek

Michael Kilgore

Artist Biography

My M.F.A. is in Spatial Arts/Sculpture from San Jose State where my focus was in Sculpture and Aesthetic Philosophy. I have taught Art in a number of colleges and universities since 1983. I have been teaching 2D studio classes at M.S.J.C. as an Adjunct Professor for about 10 years and am currently building a home and studio in Aguanga CA. 

Art/Aesthetic Statement

As an eclectic artist, I have tried to select a few works that showed some of my interest. My focus has always been to experiment and develop dynamic forms of expression working in a variety of media. My media includes cast and fabricated metal sculpture, sculptural and functional ceramics, drawing in a variety of media, painting in oils and watercolor, printmaking,  and wood sculpture. I use every opportunity to produce visual aesthetic objects and I love to express myself by moving from one media to another in  expanding a series of works. Every work has its own conceptual approach as I work directly. I have shown nationally in museums and galleries.

Metal Sculpture

My early and current interest in fabricated metal sculpture spans from Julio Gonzalez, Picasso, Calder, D.Smith to Eduardo Chillida, and Richard Serra. I prepared myself by developing skills working professionally in industrial fields and in industrial college programs, earning several certifications primarily in metal and all with the intent toward aesthetic expression. 

I worked my way through college honing my craftsmanship in metals as a structural iron worker/connector, sheet metal worker/heavy metals, certified weldor/pipe weldor, machinist and precision machinist weldor. I earned journeyman status in the Ironworkers Union and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union. I have worked on large Public Art Team Commissions and a range personal works in metals.


I have had the good fortune of working as a student and assistant to a number of artist/craftspeople in ceramics.  I have assisted sculpture Dan Rhodes, Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner, Rudy Audio and potters Al Johnson and Bill Wilhelmi. My degrees include a minor in ceramics and my studies placed me with master mentor/craftsmen of ceramic functional design and technique and aesthetic. I have taught ceramics at several universities and colleges in wheel forming, sculpture and exotic kiln firing approaches.


I have worked in 2D media and always find it an inspirational resource to work with for it’s own special properties. I have been working in oils/watercolor/monotypes/ and woodblock prints recently.

  • Green Tea
  • Michael Kilgore
  • Loma Prieta 2
  • Night Surf
  • Vanessa's coffee mug
  • woodfired ceramic wall sculpture
  • Michael Kilgore
  • Casa Grandes 1

John Knuth

Teaches drawing, ceramics, sculpture, 3D Design and Art History at MSCJ.

John Knuth’s creative conjurings challenge traditional notions of art making, even in this millennium. His paintings force extreme tension between the sacred and the profane, creating stunning works by way of indelicate techniques. Knuth’s mission is to take something traditionally regarded as base, and to make it into something magnificent, where the materials feel secondary to the radical result. Knuth’s approach is alchemical. Like an art world diviner, he conjures the elements, from making burn paintings with distress flares and metallic space blankets to using fly regurgitation to make the most incandescent, shimmering paintings. 

John Knuth was born in 1978 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He received an MFA from University of Southern California and a BFA from the University of Minnesota. Knuth’s recent solo exhibitions include Powerplant at Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy; Base Alchemy at 5 Car Garage, Santa Monica, CA; Master Plan at Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL; Elevated Uncertainty at Marie Kirkegaard, Copenhagen, Denmark; and Fading Horizon at Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA. His works has recently been included in group shows at International Print Center, New York, NY; Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY; MassArt, Boston, MA; Self-Titled, Tilburg, NL; Loudhailer, Greene Exhibitions, China Art Objects and Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, CA, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

  • John Knuth
  • John Knuth
  • John Knuth
  • John Knuth
  • John Knuth

Tania Jazz Mont

Teaches intro to drawing at MSJC.

My art is done with a purposeful anti-design. Sometimes my figures are characters, comedic stand-ins for people or animals, and other times they become just a series of marks. What kind of bizarre dialogue will ensue? I am after the essence of my figures, rather than their replicas. I thought about how the animals around me have been affected by Covid-19, and so I decided to create a triptych. Donkeys live up in the hills. Because of the onslaught of CA wildfires though, many donkeys have been coming down into the city looking for food and water. I wanted to capture the experience with humor, but this is far from laughable. I then chose to paint my pig, Britney, and cat, Debbie, whom I adore, and walked a fine line of poignancy without being too sentimental. Britney is simply asking for folks to stop calling cops, pigs. It's insulting, especially with all of the police brutality happening. Britney and I support #BLM completely. Debbie has developed an annoyance with my zoom lectures and online teaching. My cat is definitely happy I am home more, but confused as to why I wouldn't want to spend the extra time with him.

  • Tania Jazz Mont
  • Tania Jazz Mont
  • Tania Jazz Mont

Joshua Reed

Teaches Art 100 Art appreciation at MSJC

Josh Reed I have always been drawn to the narrative power of images, especially in film and animation.  I pursued my education in animation and visual development, and after graduating I worked in and independent animation studio designing environments and characters for video games. Eventually, I wanted to broaden my understanding of art making, so I went back to school and received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting. As an artist I try to make images that invite the viewer to tell their own stories or put them into a contemplative state.   As an instructor I use my foundation in solid drawing and painting principles to educate and inspire new generations of artists, developing a art instruction website and YouTube channel

  • Joshua Reed
  • Joshua Reed
  • Joshua Reed
  • Joshua Reed

Conchi Sanford

Professor of Art, Professor of Art History and Artist; Conchi Sanford is a Professor at Crafton Hills College and CTA Union Board Member. As a first-generation American, Conchi Sanford’s goals reflect in her lifetime exposure to her own ethnic background, cultural diversity and embody her response to her bi-national upbringing. 

Mizz Conchi’s discoveries led her down the road of completing her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2000 at California State University, Long Beach. There she was able to transition from painting to sculpture, with a degree in Integrated 3-D Design with an emphasis in wood, fiber and metals. With a love for metal, she specialized in blacksmithing. Mizz Conchi now works in plastics, utilizing all her knowledge from blacksmithing to form and manipulate plexiglass, resin and plastic. She works in resin, pouring, bending and bleeding the material to manipulate it into objects that will withstand the test of time. The pieces she makes tap into stories of her past, experiences she has had as a bi-national woman.

In 2010, she returned to school, after working as Marketing Manager in the private sector. Her need for artistic expression pushed her to attain her Masters in Fine Art. The experience of working in the private sector will stay with her and reminds her of the life she once had and will never return too being unfulfilled. A life of commitments that weren’t her own. 

She is now an Adjunct Professor at Crafton Hills College and Mt. San Jacinto College, teaching an array of Studio Art and Art History courses.  In addition to being a professor, an active artist showing her work, she also curates shows at different venues in the greater LA area.

  • Purple Dildo aka love and consequences, 4ftx16in wide
  • Conchi Sanford
  • Resin Flower Piece

John Scahill, self portrait

Teaches Painting and 2D Design

John Scahill... Art has always had a great influence on John’s life. He draws, paints, and creates any chance he gets. John earned his private pilot's license in high school with a desire to fly the rest of his life. That changed after six years in the United States Marine Corps. Once off active duty John earned a BFA with honors in illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After a brief stay at Norton Simon museum John gave teaching a try in a private art studio. He fell in love with it and has taught Beginning Drawing, Watercolor/ Mixed Media, and Painting 1 & 2 at Mount San Jacinto College. As a freelance illustrator the artist has earned an MFA through the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

  • John Scahill
  • John Scahill
  • John Scahill
  • John Scahill
  • John Scahill

John Seed

Teaches art history and art appreciation at MSJC.

I am a professor emeritus now teaching for MSJC in retirement. My current work consists of small watercolors that have been inspired by my new life in Cambria, California.

  • Purple Pines Watercolor
  • Morning Rooftops
  • Crashing Wave Watercolor


Thank you for visiting our Faculty Exhibition 2021.