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The non-transfer Associate of Science degree in Science provides a pathway for students who are interested in being admitted to the Mt. San Jacinto college Nursing or Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs. It is designed to provide a foundation of the science courses required for admission to the programs as well as the completion of an associates degree which will also benefit students applying to either program. The degree combines the requirements for Mt. San Jacinto College's General Education requirements (Option A) for the completion of a minimum of 60 degree-applicable units total. 

Sayed Thurab and Sylvia Sanchez

Students are encouraged to complete the other prerequisites of the programs as they fulfill the general education requirements needed to apply for admission to the programs. some courses in this degree may count for both the degree and general education requirements. Completion of this degree does not guarantee admission into the Nursing or Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs. For additional information, please see an MSJC counselor.

San Jacinto Campus
(951) 487-MSJC (6752)
Counseling (951) 487-3255

Menifee Valley Campus
(951) 672-MSJC (6752)
Counseling (951) 639-5255