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COVID-19 Cases

The COVID-19 Positive Cases table below reflects members of our campus community, who were on campus, that reported positive results for COVID-19 to the district. We understand that additional details are requested, but we must balance these concerns with the need to respect the privacy of those diagnosed, as required by law. Per our protocols, we are keeping the campus community informed and notifying Riverside County Public Health. In all cases, the district took the following actions:

  • Contact Tracing 
  • Determination of Exposures
  • Verification of Linked Cases
  • Communication to employees and students directly affected
  • Cleaning and Disinfection per CDC guidelines 

In cases where contact tracing showed that members of the campus community were exposed to the virus, the district notified those individuals who were exposed and, as a precaution, sent an email notification to the campus community. Links to the content of those notifications can be found below.

Please remember to respect people’s privacy. If you have additional information about these cases, please do not share it with anyone as it may be considered a HIPAA violation. Additionally, as a reminder, exposure can happen when a COVID-positive person has close contact with others. For the most current definition of close contact and guidance for fully vaccinated individuals, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) webpage.

COVID-19 Positive Cases

Last updated: 6/21/2022

Month Total number of known cases
March 2020 0
April 2020 0
May 2020 0
June 2020 0
July 2020 0
August 2020 0
September 2020 1
October 2020 2
November 2020 3
December 2020 5
January 2021 1
February 2021 1
March 2021 0
April 2021 2
May 2021 0
June 2021 0
July 2021 2
August 2021 32
September 2021 51
October 2021 12
November 2021 19
December 2021 8
January 2022 41
February 2022 4
March 2022 2
April 2022 2
May 2022 13
June 2022 5


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