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American Sign Language (ASL)

When you learn a new language and culture, you gain access to a whole new world beyond everything that you have ever known. Here at Mt. San Jacinto College, the Department of ASL Interpretation & Translation offers you the unique opportunity to study American Sign Language and Deaf Culture in a full immersion setting! Acquiring a language is not just about learning vocabulary, but about internalizing a way of life. Our language acquisition and cultural awareness courses will adequately prepare you to flourish in the Deaf community.


San Jacinto Campus
(951) 487-MSJC (6752)
Voice (951) 639-5399

Menifee Valley Campus
(951) 672-MSJC (6752)
Jeremy Rogers
Videophone (951) 639-8138
Fax (951) 672-0454
Voice (951) 639-5399