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Dreamers Poetry & Art Contest

For the Dreamers Poetry & Art Contest, students were asked to create a visual or written piece of art or poetry inspired by the theme, America Reimagined. Awardees will receive scholarships from the MSJC Foundation. Congratulations!  

Visual Arts

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  • Your flag is Just an Advertisement
  • Out of This World
  • Face of America


Written Works

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Diana Melendez
A Transformation

2020 has been a challenging year. The constant negativity created by politics and COVID-19 has been exhausting and disheartening. We, as a nation, are made more beautiful because of our differences. We need to welcome our differences and realize that our differences will create bigger, better, and more important things. However, we lack unity. We have allowed our individual wants to shadow the greatness we can achieve as a community. For me, there is strength in building each other up, in encouraging each other to succeed, in showing love and kindness.

Danielle Arribere
Past Present Future

My grandpa is my best friend. He loves nothing more than telling me stories of growing up in America at my age. Within the last years, he has been the one who gave me faith through his stories and hope. In 2015 he quickly began to lose his eyesight and us kids had to become his eyes. He asks me questions about what he hears on the news and if it looks just as bad through eyes as it does his ears. I wish I could tell him no, but my America looks nothing like his.

Emily Torres
City Upon a Hill

In order for America to truly be transformed and reimagined, we must reflect on how we got to the place we are currently in. We must consider our history, our past, no matter how hard it can be. Only when we accept the past can we change the future. It is very hard to look back on where we went wrong in a large part of history, however that is the biggest step we can take to ensure we do not allow history to repeat or even rhyme. By learning from previous mistakes and grievances, we allow those who died to not die in vain or ignorance; we allow their downfalls to be what rises us.