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Student Conduct

Mt. San Jacinto College Student Code of Conduct
It is expected that all students attending Mt. San Jacinto College have read, understood and will abide by the college’s Student Code of Conduct. The MSJC Student Code of Conduct sets forth standards of conduct for its students to create a safe learning environment for the campus community and affirms the values of honesty and integrity essential to academic life and personal development. The Student Code of Conduct is located in the MSJC Catalog, 2015-2016, starting on page 46.
Student Code of Conduct violations pertains only to MSJC students when violations of the MSJC Board Policy Section 5500 and AP 6504 Acceptable Use Policy for Students Using Computer Resources are alleged. Complaints regarding possible acts of discrimination must be submitted to Fred Frontino, Coordinator of Student Judicial Affairs on the San Jacinto Campus or call 951-487-3301 for more information or reference the MSJC Catalog, 2015-2016, page 61.
Sexual Harassment is a form of discrimination. Sexual Harassment is abusive and illegal behavior that harms victims and negatively impacts the district's culture by creating an environment of fear, distrust and intolerance. Contact the Title IX Coordinator, Fred Frontino at (951) 639-5301.
Student Grievance
If a student believes s/he has been treated unfairly or inappropriately, the student has the right to pursue a grievance against the employee or employees alleged to have committed the unfair act or acts against the student (MSJC Catalog, 2015-2016, page 53).
Items That Are Grievable:
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A) for issues of student access or alleged illegal discrimination--heard under a separate process handled by the A.D.A./§504 Coordinator, Fred Frontino.
  • Sexual Harassment by an employee against a student--heard under separate process handled by Human Resources
  • Harassment based upon gender, race/ethnicity, religion/creed, or other areas protected under the law.
  • Unfair acts by an employee against a student where the act has a negative impact on the student.
Grades are not grievable except with evidence of a mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetence. Please refer to the full context of the Student Grievance Policy for more information.
To obtain more information please visit the Office of the Vice President of Student Services on the Menifee Valley Campus or call 951-639-5201, or call Fred Frontino, the Coordinator of Student Judicial Affairs at (951) 639-5301.