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MSJC Wireless Student and Employee Instructions

Student and Employee Instructions

How to Access Student or Employee Wi-Fi

***NOTE: New Students must have the MyMSJC Account Management completed. See more at MyMSJC.***

    1. Go to the wireless network settings on your device and select the “MSJC” network. During the connection screen, you will have to enter your identity (colleague number/username) or and password.
    2. Old Students Login: The identity (username) and password which you'll use is your MyMSJC login. (Identity (username): first initial of your first name, full last name and last 3 digits of your Student ID.) This method will fail after December 20, 2021.
    3. New Students Login: The identity (colleague number) and password. Which you'll use is your colleague number login with This method is effective as of December 8, 2021.


      Example:      identity:

                            Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4. Employees Login: The identity (username) and password which you'll use is your MSJC Email credential set (the login without the numbers and WITH your


If you see the following screens during the connection phase, please do the following steps below their images.

***Android Devices***:
Under CA certificate Select "Use system certificate".

Android Certificate

Under the online certificate status section select "Don't validate".

Under the domain section type in "".

Select dont validate

Input your credentials into proper fields then select "connect".

If you receive a prompt to enter in additional authentication information, do NOT change any settings. Just add your Username for Identity and your password and select connect. If you changed any settings, please forgot the network from your device or correct the settings to the following:

EAP method to PEAP
Phase 2 authentication to MSchapv2)
CA certificate to (Use System certificate)

Online Status(Don’t Validate)

***Apple Devices***:
If you have ever connected or click on “MSJC Guest” please first forget that network!
Please input your username and password into the fields.
Apple Identity and Password

If you receive a prompt to Trust a certificate from during the connection phase, please click on it in order to connect. If you do not click “Trust” you will not connect.

Trust Certificate

**MACBOOK Pro***

On your network settings next to Location select "Automatic".

Next to Network name select "MSJC".

Select "Advanced".

Macbook 1

Under the Wi-Fi section select the check box "Show legacy networks and options".

Select "Ok".

Wi-Fi checkbox

It should now show the Wi-Fi network MSJC requires WPA2 on the log in screen. 

Type in your MSJC username and password. 

Select "Join".

Login wpa2

A pop-up screen will appear to Verify Certificate, select "Continue".

Verify certificate

You should now be connected.

Connected wifi

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