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Test Taking Procedures

  1. A picture ID is required to take a test. MSJC ID, driver’s license, military ID, or passport is also acceptable.
  1. NO CELL PHONES or Electronic devices are allowed in the testing room. You must leave any materials not needed for testing in our lockers, or in your car or at home. The P&P staff is not responsible for anything left in the testing room.
  1. Unless specified in Instructors guidelines, no books or notes are allowed in the testing room, while testing.
  1. NO FOOD is allowed in the testing room.
  1. Instructions for the test will be told to you by the proctor before you begin the test, such as time limits, if notes or calculators are allowed, etc.
  1. You must supply all materials required for the test, such as a scantron, a blue/green book, a calculator, charts & tables, etc.
  1. Once you begin your test, you are not permitted to leave until you have completed your test.
  1. Make sure your name, your class, your instructor’s name, and today’s date are on your test or your test answer sheet (scantron, blue/green book, or paper).
  1. NO TALKING is allowed in the testing room.
  1. The testing room is monitored and recorded by video camera. Any suspected cheating will be reported to your instructor.
  1. Scratch paper must be turned in with the completed test. No scratch paper used during testing may be removed from the P&P Center.
  1. Your completed test will be date and time stamped. It will be placed in the instructor’s file for pick-up by the instructor. No completed tests may be removed from the P&P Center by students.
  1. Failure to abide by all the rules is a violation of the MSJC Standards of Student Conduct AP5500. (See