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ADN Application Procedure

Steps to Apply

If not already then submit an application to MSJC.

A Nursing and Allied Health Transcript Evaluation is a verification of completed prerequisite courses. This MUST be completed prior to application. You must meet with a Counselor in order for them to sign off the appropriate form. Prerequisites must be completed or in the final semester of completion before submitting a Nursing and Allied Health Evaluation Request. Getting this signed off DOES NOT guarantee admission into the program. 

NOTE: All Official Transcripts from other colleges attended must be submitted or already on file before your evaluation can be completed! (Electronic transcripts must be submitted to All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an accredited U.S. company. A list of approved companies for foreign transcript evaluations can be found at  You will receive your completed prerequisite evaluation with a letter stating your program application eligibility via your Self Service account. 

All prospective applicants are required to meet with a counselor to have a Nursing and Allied Health Evaluation Request  signed off. Student will then submit the request to Enrollment Services electronically through the Student Support Hub by clicking on Enrollment Services, then Secure Document Upload, prior to submitting an application to the ADN program or LVN-RN program.  


Please Note: Nursing and Allied Health Transcript Evaluation Requests must be submitted to Enrolllment Services not the Nursing Department.  Students are responsible for submitting to the correct department.


Once the evaluation is completed, students will receive an eligibility email with a link to “Program Notes” which will provide a  written report of your transcript evaluation and application eligibility. Emails will be sent to MSJC student email for students who are currently enrolled and via personal email for students not currently enrolled. Students should review this email and the Program Notes carefully, as it will outline the documents submitted, the remaining documents required in order to meet the prerequisite requirements to apply to the  ADN program or LVN-RN program, as well as the next steps the student needs to complete in order to apply to the program.

Transcript Evaluations will be accepted: 
July 1st - December 1st (For the February Application Period)
April 1st – July 1st (For the September Application Period)


Transcript Evaluations will be accepted:
April 1st - July 1st (For the September Application Period)

Submit an ADN (RN) Nursing Application and all supporting documentation to the NAHU Dropbox by going to the Student Support Hub, selecting Nursing and Allied Health, then selecting the appropriate program either ADN or LVN to submit your documents, between February 1February 15 for fall admissions and between September 1 - September 15 for spring admissions in to the ADN (RN) Nursing Program. 

Submit a LVN-RN Nursing Application and all supporting documentation to the NAHU office between September 1 and September 15 for spring admissions in to the LVN-RN Nursing Program. 

No applications will be accepted after deadline dates. Applications MUST be complete at the time of submission, or will not be considered for admission. No further paperwork will be accepted once applications are submitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Documents to be submitted with application must include, but are not limited to:

    • Copies of Program Notes (Prerequisite Evaluation results)
    • High School Graduation verification (copy of diploma or GED if not verified on Transcript Evaluation)
    • Copy of TEAS score (official results being sent directly from ATI)
    • LVN – RN Applicants must submit a copy (back and front) of a current and active California Vocational Nursing License with their application materials.
    • Information Workshop Attendance Certificate must be attached; please see the Program Workshops and Brochures tab for more information.
    • Work or Volunteer Experience form (Signed & Dated by Employer or Supervisor) 100 hours or more, can be used for criteria 3 and/or 5 on Multi-criteria point system.
      Work Experience Form
      Volunteer Experience Form
Application filing period:
February 1-15
September 1-15
Application filing period:
September 1-15



Only students who have received an Eligibility Email with a link to Program Notes can submit an Application for the ADN (RN and LVN-RN) Program during the application period.


Important reminders:

  • Applications must be received by 11:59PM on February 15 or September 15.
  • Communication regarding Acceptance into the ADN Program is sent via MSJC student email for students who are currently enrolled and via personal email for students not currently enrolled, along with other require​m​ents that need to be met in order to secure your spot in the program.
  • After Final Selection, students who are unable to meet required immunization and background clearance by the specified due date will be dropped from the program.

The department will be holding workshops to answer any questions that you may have regarding the RN and LVN-RN application.

Please submit documents to Nursing and Allied Health on the Student Support Hub under Nursing and Allied Health, then Submit Documents Here, then Associate Degree Nursing or Licensed Vocational Nurse Documents.

TEAS Policy

ADN Students Class MSJCProspective nursing students must pass a Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) prior to program admission. This test assesses basic skills in Math, English, Reading, and Science. 

Applicants are required to submit an unofficial transcript of the highest of two attempts on TEAS VI and/or VII.  Preparation for this assessment is essential. Study resources can be found on the ATI website An applicant must achieve a passing composite score of 62% or above in order to be eligible for admission. 

Students will submit TEAS unofficial transcript with application. Official Transcript required as a condition of acceptance.

The ATI TEAS VI and/or VII test can only be taken twice each in order to achieve a passing score. We will accept the highest score of these attempts.  We no longer accept TEAS V results.

Beginning with the September 2024 application period we will only accept TEAS VII.



Work Experience Form
Volunteer Experience Form

        Contact by phone 951-639-5577 or email if you have any questions.