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FYE Program and Events

Summer 2020 Workshops

Get involved! The FYE program encourages student participation on campus, so you have an exciting first year. FYE students should plan to meet with an FYE counselor at least once a semester, an FYE mentor at least once a semester, and attend various events happening around campus.

Over Summer 2020,  PLACE (Peer Learning Alliance for Collaborative Education) is hosting several Study Hall workshops. Workshops are hosted by Peer Research Assistants, FYE Mentors, SI Leaders, Tutors, and Honor's Mentors.

PLACE Study Hall Workshops Summer 2020

First Year Expectations

  1. Create an Educational Plan - FYE students are encouraged to meet with an FYE counselor at least once a semester to discuss their educational plan and career/transfer options.
  2. Attend Summer BridgeJoin us for a FREE 2-Day in-depth orientation on college life. FYE students will learn how to register for classes, set up their myMSJC accounts, and learn about college culture and the various campus resources before starting their first semester.
  3. Enroll in essential courses your first semester (discuss with a counselor before registering): 
    • CSCR 100 (College Success and Career Readiness) - CSCR 100 (formerly Guidance 100) is a must take class your first semester. This transferable UC/CSU course focuses on a strong clear reason for staying in school, more ability to cope with the challenges of transitioning into a new life, educational planning, learning styles, campus resources, and effective strategies for personal health and wellness.
    • English 101 (College Composition) -  Writing is an essential skill to be successful in other courses. Students will learn to interpret and respond to sources analytically, conduct academic-level research, and incorporate those sources into research papers.
    • Math 105, 140, or 115Math is an essential skill to be successful in other courses. Meet with a counselor to determine which math is best suited for your major and should be on your educational plan. While each student is different, most incoming students start with either College Algebra (MATH 105), Statistics (MATH 140), or Ideas of Mathematics (MATH 115).
  4. Meet with your FYE Mentor - FYE students are encouraged to meet with an FYE mentor at least once a semester to gain an understanding about college life, how to have a smooth transition into college, and maintain a work-life-school balance.

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