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Success, Access and Equity

The Dual Enrollment Program at MSJC is a collective effort of our administration, faculty, and classified staff along with our K-12 partners.  This is a huge undertaking to manage this program as a district (approximately 200 people); however, the successes to the students, their families, and to our college system makes it all worth it. 

This program is funded by the high school districts and in no way does it take away any sections for our Mt. San Jacinto College students or faculty members.  Here is a list of updates and clarification:

  • The AP Alternative program began in the fall 2009 semester with two high school districts and 117 students. Within one additional semester the program grew to  350 students.
  • In the fall 2011 we will have 6 out of the 8 high school districts in the program with ten participating high schools. We project to serve approximately 1,000 students.  Two programs will be served:  the AP Alternative and CTE Dual Enrollment.  CTE Dual Enrollment will begin its first pilot in the fall 2011.  Subjects moving forward with CTE Dual Enrollment will be Multimedia, Medical Assisting, and CDE.
  • Two districts are likely to join a year from the fall 2011 semester and we should have nearly all of our 18 high school aboard.
  • Dual Enrollment differs from Concurrent Enrollment in the following:
  • Dual Enrollment are college courses taught at the high schools to qualified students, and is funded with the financial resources of K-12 (cost neutral).
  • Concurrent Enrollment are students taking seats at MSJC and utilizing MSJC’s financial resources. 


  • It is a cost neutral program for all parties.
  • Students in the program average a 3.35 GPA (weighted 4.35)
  • The success of the program has earned a credit rate between 85-90% comparably to the traditional AP Program which is approximately at a 20% in California and 15% nationally (national data of all AP Students including the 50% who never take the exam).
  • Since 2009 we have awarded 4,144 college credits to high school students (small pilot group).
  • Increased access to students in our college system (CCC, CSU, & UC) by over 1000 seats and projected to substantially expand these numbers next fall.
  • Saved students and families between 3 and 6 million dollars worth of college costs depending on what college they will attend.
  • Closed the achievement gap (equity) among cultures and ethnic groups by having an 85-90% success rate.  Currently, on an average, the only student groups nationally getting credit is your Caucasian and Asian students.  We have closed the gap tremendously!
  • Saved the college system millions of dollars of re-educating costs.  The system currently spends billions of dollars re-educating our best high school students unnecessarily.  Our model addresses this huge issue along with so much more.
  • College costs savings from families are now redirected back to local communities which will serve the economic struggles being faced.  

Success, access, and equity are highlighted because at the national and state level there is a push to reform education to be much more competitive, nationally and globally.  By the year 2020, California is expected to produce 1 million additional graduates. Mt. San Jacinto College has positioned itself to meet its quota.  This is a multimillion dollar merit scholarship program for students and as it grows the value of the program is enormous.  Along with the great success for students we have also strengthened our partnerships with our k-12 partners and industry leaders.  Dual enrollment has provided a platform for this to occur and so many other great opportunities have risen from such high level commitments.  

Information on this program has been presented to many groups on and off campus and our program was selected to present at the 2011 Strengthening Student Success Conference.  There is excitement behind our program. We haven’t had to solicit any business.  Our partners have come to us because it is a blue print for success and is in the best interest of students.  Dual Enrollment is the mechanism that makes it work.

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Susie Hochstrat & Meredith Goebel
K12 Program Partnership Coordinators
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