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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Roger Schultz -- June 24, 2020

Sent 06/24/2020

Summer is in full swing and many businesses and locations are re-opening after the months-long closures due to COVID-19. However, the re-openings have a down side. County public health officials, as well as state officials, are reporting alarming increases in new confirmed coronavirus cases.

Please watch this latest video to keep you updated on COVID-19 and the college.
Click the cc button for Closed Caption/Subtitles available through YouTube.

Our decision to keep MSJC classes online through the summer was a wise one. Your health and safety are a top priority at MSJC. We are pleased to see how many students are taking advantage of the online classes.
As always, MSJC is here to help you succeed. No matter where this pandemic takes us, we are going to offer you quality education in a safe environment.

The 4th of July holiday is fast approaching. Please be safe, stay away from large crowds and wear your masks when out in public. 

I will do another update when we have new information to share. Until then, thank you, take care, and remember that MSJC Eagles Rise!
Dr. Roger Schultz
Mt. San Jacinto College