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Update COVID -19 | MSJC Online College | Student Technology Survey Coming

Sent 03/23/2020

Dear Students,
Although it is your first official day of Spring Break at MSJC, rest assured that our college faculty, staff, and administrators are working diligently to transition our college completely online on April 6, which is two weeks from today. As a reminder, our campuses will remain closed through April 30, with the exception of essential personnel who keep our operations running smoothly so we can support our students to help them achieve their goals. 
Due to the tireless effort of our faculty and staff, we are confident we will be able to minimize the impact COVID-19 has on our working operations as well as our instruction, academic and student support services. Last week, including through this weekend, teams of staff and faculty were meeting remotely to identify continuity plans for all aspects of our organization. ​This week, faculty and counselors will receive their online training to ensure a smooth transition.
To prepare for April 6, we will send all students a Student Technology Access Survey. Please fill this out to provide us a better sense of the technologies you have. In addition, student mentors and student tutors will receive specialized training so they can continue to offer their expertise and support to other students as we flip the switch to our online college.
 As we learned late last week, there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our service area. Over the weekend, we also learned that COVID-19 took the life of a sixth resident in the Coachella Valley. We continue to work closely with Riverside County public health officials, who would notify those who may have had direct contact with a confirmed case. 
By abiding by Gov. Gavin Newsom's orders, we can do our part to help reduce these tragic fatalities. ​I hope you keep in mind the governor's stay-at-home orders and make sure you are using social distancing strategies to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. ​
As a reminder, let’s all be grateful for the emergency responders, health care workers, police, fire, and others that put their own safety at risk to ensure the rest of us are cared for during this pandemic. Be sure to follow the social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders so we can minimize their risk. ​
We will continue to send out daily communications regarding updates related to any of our planning strategies and encourage you to continue to check our website and, if you have further questions, please email 
Thank you -- stay safe and be healthy,
Dr. Roger Schultz, Ph.D.
Mt. San Jacinto College