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CARES: Campus Assessment, Response, Evaluation, and Support.

The MSJC CARES Team is a multi disciplinary team made up of members of the MSJC college community. Many of the team members have years of experience and training in helping people with a variety of problems. 


The mission of the CARES Team, (Campus Assessment, Evaluation, Response and Support Team) is to provide a coordinated analysis and response plan for the college’s high-risk student critical incident cases within the framework of assuring a safe campus community. These efforts consist of providing a central place to report behaviors of concern, gathering relevant information, proactively meeting with students, making referrals and taking other actions as appropriate. The conceptual purpose of the CARES team is caring, preventive, early intervention with students whose behavior is disruptive or concerning.

Scope of CARES Team

The CARES Team is responsible for providing guidelines for concerning student behaviors and strategies to prevent violence or threats of violence on campus. The main focus of the CARES Team is to maintain a safe campus environment conducive to life-long learning, academic excellence, retention, and successful student transfer. 

How to make a Referral

Any individual, student, faulty or staff member can submit an online referral form to report ANY self-injurious behaviors, suicidal ideation, erratic behavior that disrupts or threatens to disrupt the daily operations of the College. Any activities, or behaviors that might compromise safety should be referred.  

Submit an Online MSJC CARES Report


A psychological crisis is a life event that an individual perceives as stressful to the extent that normal coping mechanisms are insufficient. The CARES Team members are capable of providing personal counseling, guidance, and referring students to the most appropriate resources available both on campus and off campus.

Emergency Situations: Never call the CARES Team in an emergency. Call Campus safety at 7777 from campus phones or (951) 639-5188 from cell phones, or dial 911.