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Remote Desktop Information

The Remote Desktop allows you, the student, to access applications that you may not have on your computer for free. The applications are not installed on your computer; you are accessing them remotely through the servers on campus. As a Business or CIS student, when you sign in to Remote Desktop anywhere that has internet access, you will have access to your desktop.

To get to the the Remote Desktop log in screen:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • In the address bar type

To log in:

  • Choose: This is a private computer. If you don't choose this option, you will not be able to see your flash drive.
  • Blackboard User box: This is where you will type msjc\your blackboard username
  • Password: Type in your blackboard password​​​​​​​

To Open an Application:

  • ​When you are done logging in, you will see a screen with folders containing different software. Single click the folder you need and then single click the app you want to use. If a screen comes up asking for your username and password again, you must type it in just like you did on the initial login. You should only have to do this one time, and you may not have to do it at all.


DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK. This will cause the re-authentication to open in the background.

If you have questions, or you are having trouble logging in, please contact Kaye at, or email