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CWEE Students

Cooperative Work Experience Education Program
Student Information
The Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) program helps students achieve their educational and career goals through internships. This is a unique experience for students because it provides an opportunity to combine classroom education with mentored work experience. 
Student Benefits:
  • ​Receive college credit for on-the-job experiences (paid or unpaid)
  • Add valuable on-the-job experience to resume
  • Learn and improve employment skills under actual working conditions
  • Apply classroom theory to real job experiences
  • Develop a better understanding of core job functions in the selected industry
  • Develop a better understanding of human relations in the workplace
  • Network with professionals
There are two types of Work Experience Programs:
  • Cooperative Work Experience:
    • ​Designed for students enrolled in a career-oriented discipline
    • Supervised work experience is directly related to student's career goal and is an integral part of the student's major
  • General Work Experience:
    • ​For students who want to explore career and work experience opportunities
    • Designed to help students develop career and workplace awareness
    • Does not need to be related to student's educational goal
    • Intent is to help students acquire desirable work habits and career awareness
Students interested in enrolling in the CWEE program will need to follow the steps below:
-->​ Sign up and attend a Job Skills Workshop prior to your internship OR speak to the CWEE Coordinator about a waiver. If requesting a waiver you MUST provide a current resume and cover letter and attach it to this checklist.
-->​​ NOTE: This requirement can be completed during your internship, but must be approved by CWEE Coordinator.​
-->​ Job Skills Workshops are designed for students who have limited, or no, work experience. The workshops focus on the development of soft skills, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing techniques.

--> Complete the CWEE Online Orientation and pass the exam with a score of 20.
--> Print your Certificate of Completion. Students are responsible for reading and understanding the orientation which includes the registration procedures, requirements, and deadlines.
--> Bring your CWEE Online Orientation Certificate of Completion to Matt Leyden in the CTE Department to pick up the CWEE Student Application, Training Plan and Checklist.
--> ​Email to schedule a time to pick up the enrollment documents.
--> Transcripts will be reviewed for completion of required coursework prior to enrollment.
 STEP 4:
--> ​​Secure an internship location and meet with your Site Supervisor at the location of your internship to develop three learning objectives for the internship program.
--> Obtain their signature on the CWEE Student Application and Training Plan.
--> Meet with your faculty advisor to obtain their approval of the three learning objectives and signature on the Training Plan.
--> If the faculty advisor does not approve the three learning objectives, you will need to re-write the objectives with your Site Supervisor and then meet with your faculty advisor again for approval and signature. 
--> Bring the completed CWEE Student Application, Training Plan, and Registration Checklist with you to the CTE Department to receive the Coordinator’s Signature.
--> Bring to Matt Leyden in the CWEE Department (Menifee Campus, Bldg. 900, Room 919).  Email OR call (951) 639-5567 to schedule an appointment.

--> Take completed documents with the required signatures to Kass Munoz, Room 919 on the Menifee Valley Campus or Angela Aceves, Room 1255C on the San Jacinto Campus.
--> You will receive copies of your documents and a signed CWEE Program Enrollment Consent form.
--> Take the CWEE Program Enrollment Consent form immediately to Enrollment Services to Teri Orchard on the Menifee Valley Campus or Karla Marquez on the San Jacinto Campus.
--> The form must be submitted to Enrollment Services on the same day or the form will expire.
--> Payment for tuition fees must also be made immediately in order to complete registration.

​​ ​The entire registration process described above must be completed by the 2nd Friday of the semester term. For Fall 2016, the deadline to complete the above registration process is:

Friday, August 26th, 2016 at 11:00 am

​Student Forms:


Steps to CWEE Student Success


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to see a list of frequently asked questions and the answers. Got more questions? Please contact the CWEE Office at 951-639-5567. 


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