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Agendas and Minutes

 MSJC Student Government Association meets every Tuesday
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

SGA does not have a meeting on the Tuesday event days
Please check the SGA Calendar for Event Days

Check the SGA Calendar for updates on SGA meetings. Rooms subject to change.  

Agendas will be posted in compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act, at least 72 hours before the scheduled meeting, on both campuses.
Minutes will be posted as they are approved
Agendas and Minutes are posted on-line for your convenience



SGA Agendas

SGA Minutes


8-19-14-SGA_Agenda.pdf8-19-14-SGA_Agenda.pdf 8-19-14-SGA_Minutes.pdf8-19-14-SGA_Minutes.pdf
9-2-14-SGA_Agenda.docx9-2-14-SGA_Agenda.docx 9-2-14-SGA_Minutes.docx9-2-14-SGA_Minutes.docx
9-9-14-SGA_Agenda.docx9-9-14-SGA_Agenda.docx No minutes-meeting did not have advisor
9-16-14-SGA_Agenda.pdf9-16-14-SGA_Agenda.pdf 9-16-14-SGA_Minutes (2).pdf9-16-14-SGA_Minutes (2).pdf
9-30-14-SGA_Agenda (2).pdf9-30-14-SGA_Agenda (2).pdf SGA Minutes 9-30-2014.pdfSGA Minutes 9-30-2014.pdf
10-07-14-SGA_Agenda Final.pdf10-07-14-SGA_Agenda Final.pdf SGA Minutes 10-7-2014.pdfSGA Minutes 10-7-2014.pdf
10-21-14-SGA_Agenda Final.pdf10-21-14-SGA_Agenda Final.pdf SGA Minutes 10-21-2014.pdfSGA Minutes 10-21-2014.pdf
10-27-14-SGA_Special Agenda (1) (2).pdf10-27-14-SGA_Special Agenda (1) (2).pdf SGA Minutes 10-27-2014.pdfSGA Minutes 10-27-2014.pdf
Agenda for regular meeting 11 4 14 final.pdfAgenda for regular meeting 11 4 14 final.pdf SGA Minutes 11-4-14.pdfSGA Minutes 11-4-14.pdf
SGA Agenda 12-02-2014.pdfSGA Agenda 12-02-2014.pdf SGA minutes 12-02-2014.pdfSGA minutes 12-02-2014.pdf

SGA Agenda 12 9 2014.pdfSGA Agenda 12 9 2014.pdf

SGA Agenda 01 20 2015.pdfSGA Agenda 01 20 2015.pdf

SGA Agenda 02-3-2015.pdfSGA Agenda 02-3-2015.pdf

SGA Agenda 02-10-2015.pdfSGA Agenda 02-10-2015.pdf

SGA Agenda 02-24-2015.pdfSGA Agenda 02-24-2015.pdf

SGA Agenda 03-03-2015 (2).pdfSGA Agenda 03-03-2015 (2).pdf


 SGA minutes 12.9.2014.pdfSGA minutes 12.9.2014.pdf

 SGA Minutes 01 20 2015.pdfSGA Minutes 01 20 2015.pdf

 SGA Minutes 02-3-2015 (2).pdfSGA Minutes 02-3-2015 (2).pdf

 SGA Minutes 02-10-2015.pdfSGA Minutes 02-10-2015.pdf

 SGA Minutes 02-24-2015.pdfSGA Minutes 02-24-2015.pdf



SGA Expenditures 2013-2014 - Report.xlsxSGA Expenditures 2013-2014 - Report.xlsx