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How do Waitlists work?


Change in Waitlist Policy Effective Summer 2014: In an effort to gauge student demand for courses, Mt. San Jacinto College has expanded section wait list capacity from 10 spots to double the section capacity. The section capacity can be seen when searching for sections in EagleAdvisor It is unlikely that you will be added to the class if 10 or more people are ahead of you on the waitlist . However, adding yourself to the wait list will help us determine where more sections need to be added. To the extent possible, additional sections may be added when the waitlist shows the demand.

IMPORTANT: Check Student EagleAdvisor through your account frequently to see if you have moved from the Waitlist to enrolled status.  This is called the auto-enroll process and will stop 10 days before the start of the term for full-term classes and 10 days before the start of the class for short-term classes.  Please see "How to Manage Your Waitlist" below for more information. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm enrollment and pay any additional fees to avoid being deleted from the course and removed from the waitlist.  You will have 4 calendar days from the day you register including weekends and holidays to pay fees.  If you do not intend to remain in the class, you must drop yourself by the drop and refund deadlines.  Students that have not been auto-enrolled prior to the start of the class and remain on the waitlist are strongly encouraged to attend the first meeting.  At that time, if the instructor is able to add you they will issue you a late add code to be used online.  




Students will not be auto-enrolled from the Waitlist if any one of the following conditions exists:

  • Current enrollment in a different section of the same course.
  • Time conflict between a currently enrolled class and the waitlisted class.
  • Corequisites or prerequisites for the wait list class are not met.
  • Term unit limit is exceeded: fall and spring, 20.0; summer 8.0.
  • Course repetition: Student is seeking to repeat a course already completed.
  • The course requires instructor consent.

Note for Online Classes Only: To be added to an online class you must be on the Waitlist before it closes. If the Waitlist has closed you may not petition to enter an online class. You will receive an email from the instructor within the first week of the class if an "open seat" has become available, they will provide you with a Late Add Code to register in the course.

Once available seats in a course are filled, there may be an option to add to a Waitlist for the course if...
  • The Waitlist is not full which holds a maximum of double the section capacity.  The section capacity can be viewed in EagleAdvisor.
  • The Waitlist is not closed. (Waitlists close 7 days prior to the start of the term for full-term classes and 7 days before the start of the class for short-term class.)
  • The class allows a Waitlist. (NOTE: Learning Community Courses do not allow a waitlist) 
NOTE: What prevents students from adding themselves to a Waitlist?
  • Enrollment appointment date/time has not yet been reached.
  • Student has a hold on his/her account.
  • The last day to wait list has passed.
  • Waitlist is at its capacity.
  • Already enrolled in another section of the same course.
  • If same class is waitlisted with any past term.


How to Add to a Waitlist follow these instructions:

Login to your student account

  • Select the Student EagleAdvisor

  • Select “Search for classes, then register”

  • Under the “Registration for College Credit Courses” section

  • Select Term from drop down box and enter class information

  • Click “Submit”
  • Check box(es) of the class(es) you want to be waitlisted for

  • Click “Submit”

  • You will be taken to the “Registration Management” page

  • In the drop down box you will select the Action you want to take for each class listed here.

  • Click “Submit”

  • You will then be sent to confirmation page showing all the Actions you have requested.

  • Under the "Here are All of the sections for which you are waitlisted (not registered):" section will have the class(es) you requested to be waitlisted for.


    How to Manage Your Waitlist   
    “Manage My Waitlist” can be found under the section “Register for College Credit Courses.”  
    ·         Select “Manage My Waitlist”
    ·         This page will list the courses you are currently waitlisted for along with your “Rank” in line
    ·         You will see something like “5/10” this means you are number 5 on the waitlist which currently has 10 people on it.
    ·         You will be notified via MSJC student email if you have been “auto-enrolled”
    ·         You will also have the same amount of time to pay for the course. Please see Fee Information for important payment due dates.