1. Attend the New EOPS student orientation

2. Sign your Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC)

3. 1st counseling contact with EOPS Counselor due between: January 25th - March 31st

4. 2nd counseling contact (Progress Report) with EOPS counselor on walk-in wednesday due between: (February 29th - April 28th)

5. 3rd counseling contact with EOPS counselor due between: April 4th - May 19th.


All EOPS students are required to make three (3)* contacts each semester:
  • The first contact is with the EOPS/CARE Counselor to develop, update or revise your six semester educational plan; receive an explanation of the General Education Option Plans A, B, or C; and receive an explanation of major courses needed for your goal,
  • The second contact is with the EOPS/CARE counselor to turn in your Progress Report.  If you have C's and above you will need to see the counselor on a walkin appointment(Walkin Wednesdays). If you have D's or below you will need to schedule an appointment with the counselor.
  • The third contact is with the EOPS/CARE Counselor to discuss what classes you have enrolled in during priority registration; revise the educational plan if needed; go over any homework assignments; and take care of any end of semester business,
  • *A fourth contact will be required if a student is placed on probation due to not fulfilling all program requirements the previous term.