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Career Education

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EUREKA is a flexible, fun-to-use, computerized library of current information on occupations, educational programs, schools, job search and financial aid. If you would like a list of occupations to explore, Occ-U-Sort is the place to begin. Occ-U-Sort can help you identify California occupations which may use some of your abilities and preferences.

EUREKA describes education, training, and personal requirements for different career fields, job duties, work environments, salary ranges, employment trends and outlook, industry information and hiring practices, and school data.

EUREKA links occupations with specific majors and degrees, provides job search strategies, apprenticeships, details on working for yourself, and international careers. Also included are lists of the fastest growing, largest growth, and declining occupations through the year 2020.

EUREKA sorts over 6,000 schools according to topics you have selected and generates a list of schools that meet your personal specifications. You may view or print information and create personalized letters of inquiry to schools that you are interested in attending.

If you are interested in exploring EUREKA, please come visit us at the Career/Transfer Center to obtain an access code. 

More Career Services

The EDD website is a great resource that can help you apply for Unemployment, Disability, and Paid Family Leave. 





The What Can I Do With This Major? website is designed to help you explore the different occupations that you can do with one major. 

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This California Career Resource Network website is a resource for students, counselors, parents, teachers--in short, anyone interested in developing the career self-management skills necessary in today's world of work.