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SI Line Up


 Fall.png2015 Schedule 

Menifee Valley Campus

STEM funded sections

Biol 115+-3063 w/ SIL Carrie

Biol 150-3099 w/ SIL Lissette

Biol 151-3543 w/ SIL Rumby

Chem 101-3658,3664 w/ SIL Tim

Chem 102-3034 w/ SIL Karley

CSIS 113A*-3727 w/ SIL Chris

CSIS 113A*-3728 w/ SIL Chris

CSIS 113B*-4045 w/ SIL Chris

CSIS 123A*-3735 w/ SIL Chris

CSIS 211-4073 w/ SIL Chris

Math 96^-4270 w/ SIL Justin

Math 96^-4330 w/ SIL Justin

Math 96-4318 w/ SIL Bryan

Math 96-4325 w/ SIL Angelica

Math 105-3802 w/ SIL Adeline

Phys 100-3574 w/ SIL Tim

Phys 201-3528 w/ SIL Syed

SI Program funded sections 

Acct 124-5417# w/ SIL Richie

Anth 101-3001/3278 w/ SIL Vanesse

ASL 100-3422 w/ SIL Sara

ASL 100-3419 w/ SIL Noemi

Engl 92-3124 w/ SIL Luis L

Engl 92-3127 w/ SIL Luis L

Engl 92-3133 w/ SIL Luis C

Engl 92-3119 w/ SIL Dylan

Engl 92-3144 w/ SIL Joshua

Engl 92-3120 w/ SIL Rachel

ESL 98W-3200 w/ SIL Giti

Engl 103-3181,3182 w/ SIL Juanita

Hist 103-3217,3455 w/ SIL Beth

Mus 103-3240 w/ SIL Wesley

Psyc 101+-3305,4268, 3442 w/ SIL Jacquelyn


LRC funded sections

Span 101*-3312 w/ SIL Kristen

Span 102*-3323 w/ SIL Kristen

Span 103-4063 w/ SIL Amy

Equity Plan funded sections 

Engl 61-3110 w/ SIL Francine

Engl 61-3109 w/ SIL Cedric


San Jacinto Campus

STEM funded sections

Anat 101-1222 w/ SIL Karen

Biol 150-1745 w/ SIL Casey

Chem 101-2075 w/ SIL Orlando

Chem 112-1243 w/ SIL Natasha

CSIS 113A-1926 w/ SIL Terry

Math 105-1962 w/ SIL Ulises

Math 212-1671 w/ SIL Andrew

Phys 201-1249 w/ SIL Matthew


SI Program funded sections

Anth 101-1699,1984 w/ SIL Marina

Engl 92+-1135 w/ SIL Maria

Hist 103-1107,1993 w/ SIL Stephanie

Hist 111-1112,2070 w/ SIL Andrew

Equity Plan funded sections  

Engl 61-507 w/ SIL Ana

Engl 61-1124 w/ SIL Emily

Engl 61-1126 w/ SIL Travix

Engl 61-1988 w/ SIL Terri

Engl 61-1127 w/ SIL Maria


SI classes (sections) are selected on a semester-by-semester basis.  Classes to be supported are determined by historical MSJC data (low success and high attrition rates) and by type of funding available. 


If you would like to recommend a class to be supported with SI, please contact Janice Levasseur, SI Coordinator, at


* indicates a short-term section

+ indicates a L-COM section

^ indicates a hybrid class

# THE Center Business Cohort


The MSJC CCRAA STEM Project (Award #P031C110177) is supported by a 5 year grant from the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $4.2 million. The purpose of the CCRAA program is to develop and carryout activities to improve and expand the institution’s capacity to serve Hispanic and other low-income students. The contents of this brochure were developed under the above named grant, and do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education.





Spring 2016

planning will begin for the Spring 2016 semester in October 2015. The application period for Spring 2016 SI Leader positions will open Friday, October 2, 2015.  All applications will be due by noon on Friday, October 16, 2015.  Applications can be picked up from the MVC LRC or from the SJC LRC.  Applications must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant's most recent transcript.  Please continue to check back at a later date for more information regarding the Spring 2016 semester.